The Secret Summary and Review

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Hardcover

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is all about the law of attraction, as per the author, if you want to become a billionaire then first you have to manifest that you have that kind of money in your bank account and one day, you will be a billionaire. Basically, Rhonda says “Think positively and things will happen”

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The Secret Summary

The law of attraction very popular concept and lots of people believe in it, even those who don’t know, says “law of attraction is real and I have experienced it”

They give examples like, 

Yesterday I was thinking about going on vacation and today, my parents said “Hey, let’s go on vacation”

So I will bust lots of myths about the law of attraction but before that let me tell you the story of the author and how she came up with the book.

In 2004, Rhonda’s father died and she was sad because she was very close to him. She misses him every day, she used to watch his videos and photos.

One day, her daughter recommended a book called “The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles” 

Rhonda Byrne read the book and learned a new thing called the “law of attraction ” and after that, he researched a lot on this topic.

Further, she even interviewed those people who believed in the concept of the “Law of attraction”  

Pay attention, the keyword is “she took lots of interviews of those people who believed in the concept of the “Law of attraction”  

This is the story of how Rhonda Byrne came up with the book called “the secret”

Now, let me share with you some key lessons from the book, and in the end “I will share my thoughts as well”

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking works all the time, let’s say, you’re saying “This will be a wonderful day” every day in the morning, you even write the same thing again and again it will make a huge impact on your life.

So after a month or two, your mind will insert this “This will be a wonderful day” line in your subconscious mind. 

And you will start seeing that, your days have started becoming wonderful because you feel happy, you don’t have stress and even if you face any problems, you tell yourself that “I can and I will fix this problem because every problem has a solution”

You can even call this “affirmation”

Also, keep in mind, that the affirmation will work if you believe in it otherwise whatever you tell yourself every day will be just words that you’re repeating.

Imagination Plays a Big Role

You will never be able to achieve your goals without Imagination but why?

Let’s say, you want to start a business in clothing. So here, you have to Imagine, how far you want to go, what are your competition, and how much money you will be needed to start a business from scratch.

Now, if you just start a business without thinking about the scale then you will be stuck somewhere because you have to reimage your business structure.

For example, I’m running the BookiesTalk website where I write about books and I have a vision that I want my website to rank 1st number on all the search engines.

So I will work according to that goal but what if I think, I just want 10,000 page views and I’m happy even if I earn Rs 20,000 every month?

This will send a message to my subconscious mind that “Rahul only wants to earn Rs 10,000 and he is also happy with 10,000 views”

So my mind will work and act according to my goals.

The moral of the story is, the bigger you Imagine, your mind will go beyond its capabilities and you will reach your goals faster than you think.

How to overcome the negative thoughts

There is no way to kill the negative thoughts, they will come one day, even if you remove them because that’s how our mind has designed.

For example, if you want to start a business but if you’re afraid of losing money because you’re having thoughts like 

  • What if my business fails?
  • what if no one buys from my shop?
  • what if I lose all of my money?

Now, you can replace those thoughts with 

  • There is a chance that My business might fail but I will try my best.
  • I know there is also a chance that no one buys from my shop but I will figure this out.
  • I also know that I might lose all of the money but I know the risk behind it.

Now, the keyword here is, that you have to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Just like James Clear said in Atomic Habits “You can’t just remove the bad habits from your life, you just have to replace the bad habits with good habits”

This simply means negative thoughts won’t do any good in your life, they will just waste your time and give you more stress, so think for a second, stop for a second, and see the reality.

Why I Don’t Believe in the Law of Attraction

I’m all for positive thinking but my problem with the law of attraction is “it says, think positive and things will happen, even if you want to become rich”

Now, don’t get me wrong but you can’t become rich if you don’t work.

I mean, you have to work to earn money, you can’t just sit on the sofa and repeat the line that says “I can and I will become rich one day”.

Things like “I will have a wonderful day” might work because it doesn’t require anything. If you repeat that line every day then the day will come and it will be acknowledged by your subconscious mind.

But things like “I want to buy Rs 10 Lakh house” won’t work because, for this, you have to have Rs 10 Lakh otherwise, nothing will happen, even if you write it down on paper every day.

Now, this will give you motivation to earn money but the thought alone won’t do much.

This is where I recall Vex King who wrote the book called “Good Vibe, Good Life” 

Vex King simply says “The law of attraction won’t work unless you apply the Law of Vibration”

The Law of Vibration means to do something about it. 

For example, if you want to buy a Rs 10 Lakh house then work and earn the money and buy the house, don’t just sit at home.

Another example, 

For example, if you want to read Productive Mindset then you will have to pick up the book to read it, you can’t just say to yourself, I will read, I will read and I will read the book. This way, nothing will happen.

What I’m saying is, that the law of attraction is a concept and it will only work, if you take action.

The Secret Review

The Secret is a good book and take whatever advice you get with a grain of salt. The law of attraction is a concept and it will only work if you take action, at the same time, Positive Thinking will only work up to a certain extent.

So if you ask me whether you should buy the book or not then my suggestion would be, to skip the book and watch 10-minute videos on the law of attraction and move on with your life.


Better,  if you read this article from start to bottom then just stop here and move on with your life.

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