The Productive Mindset

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In the Book

  • Why You always don’t have Time.
  • Beat the Clock.
  • Does Multitask Help?
  • How to use David Goggins Clock.
  • Why Social Media is Not for You.
  • Why Habits is More Important than Discipline.
  • How to use Newton’s first law of motion in Life.
  • The real way to use the 80/20 Rule.
  • Get out of the Procrastination.
  • Why you don’t need Motivation.
  • Understand what is Productivity.
  • What to Down in Downtime.
  • & Much More

Reader Reviews

Nisha Chhikara

What I loved about this book is it’s straightforward to the point, no beating around the bush. Useful content is given in a quick-read format. you must read this book to develop a productive mindset in under one hour of read.

Shubham Kumar

This book has a crux of a few of the best-selling productivity books and teaches you how to apply those lessons in life. It gives you exercise that will help you to improve. The simple language of the book is also a plus point. You can complete this book in one to two sitting.

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