The 48 Laws of Power Summary (Plus PDF)

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene Paperback

The 48 Laws of Power give you the power to achieve anything in life from manipulating people to staying calm. The book also has some unethical principles that might hurt you as well as the people around you, so use these 48 Laws very carefully.

That being said, let’s talk about a few laws that will help you to grow in your life and help you to do something beyond your imagination.

Also, if you want to know all the 48 laws then scroll down to the bottom.

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The 48 Laws of Power Summary

Robert Greene collected all laws from history’s most famous and powerful people. He has shared how these powerful people controlled people, understood human behaviors, the way people think, and went inside people’s brains.

The 48 Laws of Power is a proper guide to understanding how the human brain works.

Some of the laws like “Learn to keep people dependent on you”. This law goes both ways, 

For example, if you’re running a business then it makes sense for your business to make people addicted to your products and services, so they don’t leave for someone else.

This can also be used on humans as well, 

For example, whether it’s your friend, wife, mother, son, or father, make these people dependent on you. So they don’t do something out of the box and in the end, they will only rely on you.

What does this mean? 

Apply these laws carefully because the laws might hurt you or the people around you. You won’t see the effect when you try them but in the long run, things might get serious.

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Talking about myself, yes, I have used a few laws in my life and they worked which I will talk about in a minute.

What I’m saying is, this is a wonderful book that will give you all the answers that might be looking for.

So let’s deep dive into The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

I’m keeping my promise, this is the mini-ebook of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. So download right now and read wherever you want for free. Happy Reading.

Be like Introverts

People think that Introverts are shy and they don’t like to speak but that’s not true at all. Introverts speak only when it’s necessary. They won’t argue with everyone, they will let go of almost everything.

So be an Introvert who doesn’t waste time on unnecessary arguments. You don’t have to reply to someone, just because a few words hurt your feelings or beliefs.

Arguments is another tool to waste your time.

For example, 

If one of your friends says, the earth is flat and you explained everything to him, why the earth is round, and yet, he is like, no earth is flat.

What does this mean, it doesn’t make any sense from now on to waste your time explaining why the earth is round.

So be aware of your actions and see when to speak and when to stay quiet. There is no need to waste your time Arguing with someone who doesn’t want to accept reality and see things as it is.

Lots of people around the world say that when you become old, you will understand why speaking less is GOLD.

So from now on, you don’t have to be 50 years old to understand the power of being quiet. 

Don’t Trust Your Friends

This doesn’t mean, every single Friend is not trustworthy. It simply means, don’t expect too much from your Friends.

When you don’t have expectations, you will live a peaceful life.

Also, it’s better if you don’t make lots of Friends. It is better if you have two or three close friends.

Trust is nothing but expectations that you might have from your Friends, wife, son, father, or even mother.

So the lower your expectations are, the happier you will be.

Sharing is not Caring

As someone says “When you share your feelings with someone, you will feel better” Now, this is true but you also have to know when and with whom you’re sharing your feelings.

Share your feelings or your dreams with those people who care about you. Don’t share with those people who only say nice things when you’re around and say lots of bad things behind you.

So identify those people and be aware when you’re about to share your thoughts. 

For example, Therapist.

The therapist will never judge your feelings, they will listen to you and tell you what is wrong whereas if you share your feelings with a random person then he might judge and he might share your feelings with other people.

The same goes for your mother as well, she will never judge because she loves no matter what. 

When to Stop

It’s a simple thing right, if you’ve been trying something for years and it is not working then it’s better for you if you move to something else rather than wasting time.

It could be a business, an exam you’re preparing for, a relationship, or something else where you’ve been trying for years but it’s not working out.

So have an awareness of when to stop because you don’t have unlimited time.

Powerful People

No one likes when someone says “You’re dumb”, especially those people who are in power. It could be politicians or even your boss.

Let’s say, you’re working in a company where your boss calls you and says, “Can you fix this laptop, I tried but it’s not working well.”

Now, here, you don’t have to say “Boss, you’re a computer engineer and you can’t even fix this, let me help you” This is not the right way, this will hurt his ego and things will change for you in the future.

Instant says “Yes, I also had this problem with my laptop, and turned out it’s not a big problem, let me show you”

You see, how things change when you see nice words. 

So know when and how to speak with people, especially with those who are in power.

Power of Absence

Lots of successful people don’t go to every single party but when they’re present somewhere, people will act like, oh, he is busy and he is here, so this must be special.

Now, this doesn’t mean, you will say NO to every single thing, this only means, you don’t have to go to every single place.

You have to decide where you have to spend time and where you don’t have to.

For example, if there is a party and it’s not important then it’s better you say NO and use that time somewhere else.

But if that party is important then it’s better you visit.

So learn the power of Absence.

The 48 Laws of Power Lessons

  • Make other people look smarter than you because no one likes to feel dumb, especially those people who are in power.
  • Make people dependent on you, so they don’t leave you for someone else.
  • Absence will create your value, this means, there is no need to go to every single party or place.
  • There is no need to argue with someone, just because they don’t believe in your belief or your dreams.
  • Learn when to stop because you don’t have unlimited time, so use whatever time you have on things that are important and possible.

The 48 Laws of Power Quotes

“Many a serious thinker has been produced in prisons, where we have nothing to do but think.”

“Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies.”

“Person who cannot control his words shows that he cannot control himself, and is unworthy of respect.”

“Be Royal in your Own Fashion: Act like a King to be treated”

“Never be distracted by people’s glamorous portraits of themselves and their lives; search and dig for what really imprisons them.”

“Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good.”

“There is a popular saying in Japan that goes “Tada Yori takai mono wa nai,” meaning: “Nothing is more costly than something given free of charge.”

“You cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others.”

“Anger is the most destructive of emotional responses, for”

“The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.”

The 48 Laws of Power Review

Robert Greene has shared lots of things and you don’t have to apply everything in your life, just pick a few laws because some of the laws are unethical and that will hurt you or the people around you.

Read the book to get an idea about how people think.

So yes, The 48 Laws of Power is worth reading and it will teach you lots of things about how humans behave and live their lives. Again, don’t use 48 Laws, pick a few and take action.

Talking about myself, I have applied “the power of Absence and art of being quiet” Yes, they have worked well for me.

What about you, do let me know in the comment box.

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The 48 Laws of Power List

  1. Never outshine the master
  2. Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies
  3. Conceal your intentions
  4. Always say less than necessary
  5. So much depends on reputation; guard it with your life
  6. Court attention at all costs
  7. Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit
  8. Make other people come to you; use bait if necessary
  9. Win through your actions, never through argument
  10. Infection: avoid the unhappy and the unlucky
  11. Learn to keep people dependent on you
  12. Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim
  13. When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest
  14. Pose as a friend, work as a spy
  15. Crush your enemy totally
  16. Use absence to increase respect and honor
  17. Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability
  18. Do not build fortresses to protect yourself – isolation is dangerous
  19. Know who you’re dealing with – do not offend the wrong person
  20. Do not commit to anyone
  21. Play a sucker to catch a sucker – seem dumber than your mark
  22. Use the surrender tactic: transform weakness into power
  23. Concentrate your forces
  24. Play the perfect courtier
  25. Re-create yourself
  26. Keep your hands clean
  27. Play on people’s need to believe to create a cult-like following
  28. Enter action with boldness
  29. Plan all the way to the end
  30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless
  31. Control the options: get others to play with the cards you deal
  32. Play to people’s fantasies
  33. Discover each man’s thumbscrew
  34. Be royal in your own fashion: act like a king to be treated like one
  35. Master the art of timing
  36. Disdain things you cannot have: ignoring them is the best revenge
  37. Create compelling spectacles
  38. Think as you like but behave like others
  39. Stir up waters to catch fish
  40. Despise the free lunch
  41. Avoid stepping into a great man’s shoes
  42. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter
  43. Work on the hearts and minds of others
  44. Disarm and infuriate with the mirror effect
  45. Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once
  46. Never appear too perfect
  47. Do not go past the mark you aimed for; in victory, learn when to stop
  48. Assume formlessness

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