Good Vibes, Good Life Summary – Philosophy of Self-Love

Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King Paperback

The book explores self-love in another dimension, the author talks about how the Law of Attraction is not enough to archive your goals, you actually have to work toward your goals rather than complaining about the life you have right now.


“We make life all about a future that exists only in our imagination and completely misses what’s happening in front of us.”

“What you consume consumes you; what consumes you control your life.”

“When you start loving yourself, life starts loving you, too.”

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Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration

The law of Attraction simply means, if you think positively about the things you want then one way or another, you will get it. In the same way, if you think negatively then you will also get negative results.

Here, the Vex King author of Good Vibes, Good Life explains that thinking positively about your dreams won’t get you closer but taking action on dreams will get you closer.

For example, if you want to read Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Julie Smith then you will have to pick up the book to read it, you can’t just say to yourself, I will read, I will read and I will read the book.

This way, nothing will happen.

To make things easy author has shared some of the ways to improve the Law of Attraction by mixing the Law of Vibration.

Now, the author has explained the Law of Vibration in a broader way, so I will try to summarize it in a compact way (that’s my job, get it…)

  1. Spend time with the positive people: It doesn’t mean, you have to spend time with YES people, spend time with those people who believe in themself and see life as it is, and don’t give an F about people.
  2. Body Language: Yes, this is more important than everything else but why? let’s say you had a bad day and someone says, hi, then he/she will know that you had a bad day. So even if you had a bad day then let that go feeling and live in the movement rather than in your head (overthinking).
  3. Take a Break: You can’t work forever, you will have to take breaks, go out with your Friends, and family, or just by yourself. Just forget about your work for time being and spend time as it is.

These are the 3 key elements that the author wants you to add to your life (its called the Law of Vibration, fancy name isn’t it)

Self Love

If you don’t love yourself then who will? the big question isn’t it?

Start by saying to yourself, “I can do whatever I want” which is true, you’re not lying to yourself…

Everyone on this planet earth has the power to do whatever they want, the only thing people have to have is a purpose.

Let’s not go the spiritual way,

Just ask yourself, “why do I want to read books, why do I want to exercise, why do I want to watch movies, why do I want to watch po*n, why I want to do that or this”

If you just do this and be aware of it then no one on this planet earth power to stop you, the only person who can stock you is yourself.

So love yourself more than anyone.

Don’t Consume Everything

You don’t have to watch every single Netflix Movie or TV show, you don’t have to watch 20 YouTube Videos, You don’t have to watch 100 shorts/reels, and you don’t have to consume everything you see on the internet,

Let’s say, you watched some p*rn videos and got busy with other tasks, and now, you tell me, that one video is just deleted from your brain.

No, it’s not deleted, everything you see, watch, and listen to will stay with you forever till your die. One way or another, the things you consume will affect your life, and you won’t realize the effect of p*rn but you will experience it one day.

So be very careful of what you consume.

My personal suggestion would be, if you don’t earn money from Instagram then kindly, delete your account and never install the app again.

Good Vibes, Good Life Review

The book follows the philosophy of self-love, and it gives you all the positivity that you need in life. It’s a wonderful motivational book that every single new reader should read but if you’re that person who has read quite of few self-help books then you can skip the Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King.

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