Productive Awareness

Productive Awareness will help you to connect all the dots whether they’re from the past, present, or even future.

This is 2nd book under the Productive Blueprint series and I will go a bit deeper but don’t worry, I will be there with you all the time.

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What’s in it For You?

If you finish this book in a single day or even a week, it won’t change your life unless and until you take action. It’s the same thing as thinking about eating food and eating food.

Awareness is nothing but accepting that this has happened and I have to do something about it. Now accepting and doing are two separate things.

This is where Productive Awareness comes in. I will give you all the possible learning that I have applied in my life.

I will share everything from what worked to what didn’t, and much more. So you don’t make the same mistake that I made in the first place.

This is a small book but it will give you all the knowledge that you need to be aware of the things you have done or you will do in the future.

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