Don’t Believe Everything You Think Summary: Key Takeaways

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Generally every day human brain generates about 70,000 thoughts, now, you shouldn’t react to every single thought otherwise the thought will eat you alive from the inside and you will lose control of reality. Joseph Nguyen gives you a clear idea in his Don’t Believe Everything You Think book is how you can be free from your thoughts and live a happy life in reality.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think Quotes

“A belief is essentially a point of view that we hold to be true.”

Our thinking only has control over us if we believe it. Let go of the belief in the thought to let go of the suffering.

We don’t live in reality, we live in a PERCEPTION of reality, which is created by our own thinking.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think Summary

Thoughts are not a reality yet we always have thoughts about the things we don’t have and we don’t pay much attention to the things we have. Now let’s assume that out of 70,000 thoughts we think every day, we question them over and over whether it could be about buying a new home, problems about a job, money, or even a relationship.

So now tell me, how will you focus on the important things?

Instant thinking about money, sex, porn, exam result, the future, or even about how you hate your job. Focus on how you can improve your life every day by doing exercise, reading books, spending time with your family, finding solutions for the problem you have, and being happy with what you have.

If you can do those things then you will never be a prisoner of overthinking, you will always be in reality and see it as just a thought without worrying about the future.

Takeaway 1: Thoughts Will Come and Go, The Keyword is Thinking

Let’s say, you have a problem with your job and that you hate your job.

Now, you have two choices.

  • You quit your current job and find the job you love
  • You find out why you hate your job and see whether you actually hate your job or you’re just overthinking it

Always keep in mind every problem has a solution. Sometimes we see the solution but we’re afraid to apply it. In the case of a job, you’re afraid that you won’t find another job or your next job won’t pay you as much as the first one.

So if you hate your job then find out the solution and solve it.

There is no word such as love or hate and like or dislike.

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For example, if you’re earning Rs 30,000 every month and yet you hate your job because you want more money on the other side if someone is earning Rs 20,000 and he is happy because he knows what his needs and wants are.

So if you want your salary to go to Rs 50,000 then work a bit harder and stop complaining about it and find a way.

Takeaway 2: Always Question Your Belief

Your mind doesn’t know what is right or wrong, you’re the one who decides it with the experience you had from the day you were born.

For example, your parents told you that GOD doesn’t exist and when you become an adult, you did your research and discovered that no one has the right answer whether god exists or not.

In the same way,

Your parents told you that GOD does exist and the earth and people are created by GOD, so you believe what your parents told you and you read and watch every single book and video that claim that GOD does exist. So what will happen is, you will start believing that yes, GOD does exist and you don’t even try to question the possibility of it doesn’t.

So no matter what people say, always Always Question your Belief. Sometimes, you won’t find the right answer but you will see every single side before getting to the conclusion.

Takeaway 3: The Reaction Is The Key Point when You Get Angry

Let’s assume that someone said bad words about your mother or father and got angry and you hit that person.

Bad words or good words are just words, if someone says it that doesn’t mean that you have to get angry.

For example, if someone uses the F word in Chinese or Sanskrit then you will politely ask, what does that mean, you won’t get angry or hit the person.

The key takeaway is, you don’t get angry if you don’t know the meaning of it another is if you don’t give a reaction then you won’t have the rage to hit the person.

Words are words and you have to see them as words whether its bad or good words.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think Review

Yes, definitely, you should read Don’t Believe Everything You Think, it will give you a clear idea about how your mind works and how you should not pay much attention to every single thought you have every second.

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