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Attitude Is Everything Book

JEFF KELLER was a lawyer and even after working as a lawyer for years, he didn’t find that happiness or he felt something was missing, he was also doing Motivational seminars in between. In 1992 he decided that I will start working as a full-time motivational speaker.

The Attitude Is Everything Book is his journey as a motivational speaker, he has shared lots of wisdom that will help a lot in your life and make your life easier.

“Your thoughts don’t change, your results won’t change.” – Jeff Keller

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Attitude Is Everything Book Summary

Attitude Is Everything Book
Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller

This was one of my first picks when I started reading books because it’s a tiny book and it’s also written in such a way that I didn’t feel bored. So if you’re that person who is just entering into the books then this is a good and short book to shart from.

This book is conveniently divided into three parts, and each Part contains a series of lessons. So, if you ever need reinforcement in a particular area, it will be easy for you to turn to that lesson and re-read it.

Part 1, Success Begins in the Mind, focuses on the power of attitude and belief to shape your destiny. You’ll learn how your success initially depends on the way that you THINK.

Part 2, Watch Your Words, talks about how your attitude is reflected in your words and how positive language can help to propel you toward your goals.

Part 3, Heaven Helps Those Who Act, talks about our journey. Even if you think positively and speak positively, you won’t achieve your dreams until you ACT. You can’t sit back and expect success to visit you. In this section, you’ll learn the action steps that will turn your dreams into reality.

When you THINK, SPEAK and ACT in ways that support your success, you’re firing on all cylinders and on the way to achieving phenomenal results in your life.

Talking about myself, I have learned lots of things from this book because I read the when I started reading self-help books. So let me share with your some of the lessons I have learned from each chapter.

You’re about to embark on a journey that will bring you success and happiness beyond your wildest dreams, so let’s get started….

Success Begins in The Mind

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Think of your attitude as the mental filter through which you experience the world. Some people see the world through the filter of optimism (the glass being half full) while others see life through a filter of pessimism (the glass being half empty).

Let me give you some examples to explain the difference between a positive attitude and a negative attitude.

  • The person with a negative attitude thinks “I CAN’T.”
  • The person with a positive attitude thinks “I CAN.”
  • The person with a negative attitude dwells on problems.
  • A person with a positive attitude concentrates on solutions.
  • The person with a negative attitude finds fault with others.
  • The person with a positive attitude looks for the good in others.
  • The person with a negative attitude focuses on what’s missing.
  • The person with a positive attitude counts his or her blessings.
  • The person with a negative attitude sees limitations.
  • The person with a positive attitude sees possibilities.

I could go on and on with examples, but I’m sure you get the idea. I often like to use word pictures. They help people to understand and remember what I said. Let me paint this picture for you: Your attitude is your window to the world.

Let’s examine this concept a little further-that WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT. Here’s how it works.

If you constantly think about a particular goal, then you’ll take steps to move toward that goal. Let’s say that someone (whom we’ll call Kartik) thinks he’s capable of earning Rs 3000000 per year.

Like a human magnet, Kartik will attract those employment opportunities that will move him in that direction. As long as Kartik clings to that thought, he’ll reach his goal of earning Rs 3000000 per year.

Now, what if Kartik begins to think, “Hey, I’d like to earn more money to meet the growing needs of my family. I want to earn Rs 5000000. Will Kartik’s income increase?

It depends. Just how strong is Kartik’s belief that he can earn Rs 5000000? It’s quite possible that Kartik would like to earn Rs 5000000, but he doesn’t believe that he’s really capable of earning that amount.

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In that case, Kartik will not reach his income goal of Rs 5000000. If, on the other hand, Kartik continually thinks about earning a higher income and believes in his ability to achieve that goal, he will, in fact, increase his income to Rs 5000000.

As you might expect, this concept is not limited to monetary goals.

So, the next time you suffer a problem or setback in your life, don’t get discouraged or give up. Don’t let problems cloud your attitude window forever. Clear off that cloudy window.

You may find after the dust settles, that you can actually see better than you did before! Just remember the words of Napoleon Hill: “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

Continually ask yourself what you’ve learned from your trying experience and focus on moving forward and growing as a person. In times of crisis, always strive to maintain an optimistic attitude and an open mind for this is the environment that will allow you to find the benefit in your difficulty.

Watch Your Words

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When was the last time you seriously thought about the words you use each and every day? How carefully do you select them?

Now, you might be thinking, “Rahul, why all this fuss about words? What’s the big deal?”

The answer is simple. Your words have incredible power. They can build a bright future, destroy opportunities or help maintain the status quo. Your words reinforce your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality.

Think of this process as a row of dominos that looks like this:


How do you feel when someone unloads all of his problems and complaints on you? Not very uplifting and energizing, is it? The truth is, nobody likes to be around a complainer-except, perhaps, other complainers.

Of course, all of us complain at one time or another. The important question is: How often do you complain? If you’re wondering whether you complain too much, simply ask your friends, relatives, or co-workers. They’ll let you know.

Now, when I say “complain,” I’m not talking about those instances when you discuss your problems in an attempt to search for solutions. That’s constructive and commendable.

And I’m not referring to those occasions when you share your life experiences (including disappointments) with friends or relatives in the context of bringing them up to date on the latest developments in your life. After all, part of being human is sharing our experiences and supporting each other.

It’s been said that 90 percent of the people don’t care about your problems and the other 10 percent are glad you have them! Seriously though, all of us can cut down on our complaining. From now on, let’s do ourselves and others a favor and make our conversations uplifting.

The people who don’t complain very much (and those who speak positively) are a joy to be around. Decide to join that group so people won’t have to cross the street when they see you coming!

Heaven Helps Those Who Act

Attitude Is Everything Book Image03

She couldn’t pay her credit card bills for 26 years.

She moved 25 times looking for work. She was fired 18 times.

She worked for 26 years before she earned an annual salary of $22,000 (Rs 17,20,917)

She occasionally lived on food stamps and slept in her car.

You’re probably thinking, “If this is a book about success, why are you droning on and on about a woman who had so many failures?” I’ll tell you why.

The “failure” described above is a well-known TV talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael. You see, despite all of her setbacks, she refused to give up her childhood dream of a career in broadcasting.

She was willing to keep failing… and keep failing… until she succeeded.

Sally Jessy Raphael has earned millions of dollars and enjoyed a long and successful TV career. All because she kept a great attitude despite years of failures.


The Attitude Is Everything is one of the books which will help you to understand yourself better. How you can get out of your comfort zone and live the fullest life.

The book only has 125 pages which is not a lot, so if you haven’t read any self-help books, especially Atomic Habit by Jams Clear then do read Attitude Is Everything, which will add value to your life.

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