Attitude Is Everything Summary and Review

Attitude Is Everything Book

JEFF KELLER was a lawyer and even after working as a lawyer for years, he didn’t find that happiness and he felt something was missing, he was also doing Motivational seminars in between. Fast forward To 1992, he decided that I will start working as a full-time motivational speaker.

The Attitude Is Everything Book is his journey as a motivational speaker, he has shared lots of wisdom that will help a lot in your life and make your life easier.

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Attitude Is Everything Summary

This is another self-help book that talks about how belief and taking action can change your life and make you a better person. This is also a very short book, so it’s the best read for beginners as well.

The book is divided into three parts,

  1. Success Begins in the Mind: Your Thoughts will decide your future, whatever you think and spend time with will shape your future.
  2. Watch Your Words: Positive thinking can change the way you think and behave with other people, so use your words wisely.
  3. Heaven Helps Those Who Act: If you have an idea about something that you want to archive then don’t give up on that one idea, even if you fail. Do it again, and again till you see the success.

Biggest Problem with You

Let’s say, you want to start a new business and you also have enough money to invest but the problem you’re facing is not the idea, not the money but your thoughts.

You’re dealing with fear, you’re thinking,

  • What if my business fails,
  • What will I say to my father,
  • I will lose all of my money,
  • What if I don’t find a good job after this

Your fear has taken control and you’re not doing anything. As a result, you dropped the idea of starting a business and continued with the job.

After about six months, you show your friend started a new business.

The problem was, he started a business on the idea you had about six months ago, you didn’t tell him about the idea but still, you started that idea, maybe he got that idea himself.

Now, you’re regarding that you dropped that idea because of the fear, because of the negative thoughts and you didn’t fight back.

This is what Jeff talks about in Attitude Is Everything,

Don’t rely 100% on your thought, some of them are good but some of them are just there to tell you, “This can happen if you do this”

It’s just a defense mechanism of our brain and you have to understand that.

So take control of your thoughts, you will have thousands of thoughts every day but that doesn’t mean you have to answer every single one of them or take them seriously at all.

I mean, you meet lots of people, you watch movies, TV shows, P*rn, have s*x, and many other things.

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And your mind keeps everything inside, it stores everything but that doesn’t mean you have to react to every single piece of information you’re letting in.

So watch your thoughts and words because this will affect the discussion you make, the way you see people, and the way you talk with people.

Just keep a positive Attitude.

Power Of Your Words

When was the last time you seriously thought about the words you use each and every day? How carefully do you select them?

Now, you might be thinking, “Rahul, why all this fuss about words? What’s the big deal?”

The answer is simple.

Your words have incredible power. They can build a bright future, destroy opportunities or help maintain the status quo. Your words reinforce your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality.

Think of this process as a row of dominos that looks like this:


As the author says, you’re your thoughts.

If you’re thinking about s*x every single second, every single minute, and every single day then when you meet a girl, you will not see her as human, you will see lots of things that were seen on p*run videos.

You will be thinking about her, you will be thinking about her body.

I hope you’re getting some idea about why our thoughts play a huge part.

Now, what I believe is, 

You don’t have to watch every single new movie, TV show, YouTube Video, scroll on X (aka Twitter), and watch reals on Instagram because there is no need for that.

You have to self-monitor what you see, watch, and hear because every single thing will stay with you forever till you die.

So filter the internet and consume the things that are important and add value to your life rather than destroy your life.

Dreams Can Come True

Let me tell you a story, 

There was one guy named Mohit who wanted to clear the UPSC exam and he tried 5 times and yet, he couldn’t do it.

He was about to quit then he thought I have already tried 5 times, why not just do it one last time?

So he gave the exam and this time too, he failed the exam by a small margin.

When he gave exams for the sixth time, something happened and he promised himself that, no matter what happens, no matter how many times I have to give exams, I will do it till I pass.

And yes, a happy ending was, he cleared the UPSC exam because he didn’t quit.

Just imagine, what if Mohit was like, I’m tired of this sh*t, I not doing this anymore, I will rather do a job than waste my time on this.

Just like Mohit, have patience and you will live your dreams.

There are lots of living examples of not giving up and you can’t just give up on your dreams because it’s getting harder. Life is hard and it will remain the same for everyone.

If you believe in god then wait for your turn, he is looking at you and you will get to live your dreams.

Now, if you don’t believe in god then believe in yourself that you can do it because the reality is, you can because there are tons of people who have to clear the UPSC exam, it’s not like, you’re the first person.

Only You Can Do it

I have talked about this many times and this is nothing new, so let me explain imagination and visualization in a compact way.

Let’s say, you want to buy a CAR worth 10 Lakhs but you don’t have money right now. 

So what you can do is, manifest that every day and tell yourself that “I can and I will buy your dream CAR one day.”

Now, no one will give you a car but this repetition will signal your mind that you want a CAR and your mind will try its best to get you a car.

And this is where the journey of getting CAR will being.

Your mind will force you to explore the opportunity to make money and you will get busy earning money.

This is not proven by Science, this technique is used by lots of authors and it does work if you take action but if you just sit there and say, I want Car and don’t do anything then nothing will happen.

So the idea here is, take action.

Attitude Is Everything Lessons

  • Fear is poison that can destroy your life but the good part is, you can stop that fear, if you want to. So overcome whatever fear you have because you can.
  • You will have thousands of thoughts every day and you don’t want to take them seriously, just focus on what’s important.
  • There is no need to watch every single movie or even TV show or even use social media for time pass. The reason is very simple, those memories will stay with you till you die. So make sure you don’t filter out things before you consume.
  • Overthinking can kill you from the inside. So you have to take care of your body and mind, so they can fight back.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you can’t do it one more time. So stand up again and do it again because you can do it.

Attitude Is Everything Quotes

You can’t always control circumstances. But you can control your thoughts.

Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.

If You can dream it, you can do it.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Life doesn’t reward those who refuse to expose themselves to difficulties and challenges.

Whether you think you can—or think you can’t—you’re right!

Just remember the words of Napoleon Hill: “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” That’s a powerful statement—and it’s the truth.

One person with a commitment is worth more than 100 people who have only an interest.

Attitude Is Everything Review

Now, here is the catch, if you have read books few popular books like The Power of Subconscious Mind, Ikigai, Atomic Habits, or any other then it doesn’t make any sense to read Attitude Is Everything because it talks about the same things.

Also, as this is a small book, the author didn’t add tons of examples. The book is a just experience that the author had throughout his life along with little research.

One More thing,

This was one of my first reads when I started reading books outside of my studies. So if you’re one of those new readers who wants to start a reading journey then this could be a good book to start with.

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