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The Give and Take book talks about three types of people Takers, Givers, and Matchers. Adam Grant author of this book found out that Givers are the best performers and they’re also the worst performers, he has researched a lot about how people live their lives and how they help each other. The book will give you a clear idea of how you can live your life fearlessly.

Give and Take Book Quotes

“Above all, I want to demonstrate that success doesn’t have to come at someone else’s expense.”

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”

“You can’t just ignore someone because you don’t think they’re important enough.”

“The worst performers and the best performers are givers, takers and matchers are more likely to land in the middle.”

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Give and Take Summary

The book is filled with lots of wisdom, it might sound different when you hear that, you should help others without getting something in return. It did to me when I was 19 years old but the day I understand that, if you have more than you need, simply share it with those who needed the most.

You have seen some actors who have billions and yet they’re promoting, Casino Websites and Tobacco.

So if someone from your family or someone from work or someone who you don’t even know needs help and if you can help that person and if you have time for it then help that person.

Don’t just say that, I can’t help you because I don’t know you. The Give and Take also gives the same lesson that, no matter who that person is, if you can help him/she then just do it.

Now let’s explore Takers, Givers, and Matchers, so you can identify the people who they actually are.


Takers are those people who don’t care about others, if they want something then they will come to you, please you and take whatever they want, and walk away. They will promise something but they won’t give anything.

Always, stay away from takers. This is not only good for you but it’s better for your work, family, and friends.

I think you may have heard that it’s better to have one or two friends rather than having 100. So identify those people, and keep distance.

How to identify the takers?

Taker usually uses I & Me words a lot while Givers normally use the We & Us words. See the body language and you will understand, what kind of person he/she is.


Now I will give you an example, don’t you judge, don’t you even think about it…

I’m from Gujarat, India. (for reference)

About 9 years ago, my sister got married and we all know relatives give gifts or money or something when they attached marriage.

So when relatives were giving a gift, my mother was keeping all the notes, who give the gift, what was inside the gift wrap, how much money this or that person gave and so on…

But why?

Because, when we will attend a relative’s marriage, we will also give the same gifts, the same amount of money, or whatever relatives give during my sister’s marriage, we will match it.

So that’s my mother, she was Matcher and so was I…

How to identify the Matchers?

They will always expect something in return, you will know from their body language. Now, if they don’t get something in retnr for the first time then won’t give you anything next time.


These are those people who give without expecting something in return.

For example, if your friend asks for money and you’re a matcher then you will think for a second that if I give him money and if I ever need money in the future, will he do the same for me?


If you Taker then you will simply say, bro, I don’t have money at this movement, if have asked me yesterday, I would have given you the money. Still, I will ask around, sorry bro…

Now, if you’re Giver then you will simply say, how much do you need, here take it, if you need more then tell me, and don’t worry about giving it back.


It’s time to talk about the research that Adam Grant did…

When someone asks for help, you just have to answer these questions.

Why I’m helping this person: If you’re helping someone because it’s your job then you will get tired after some time but if you’re helping because the person you’re helping is important to you, you feel, he/she needs your help then help them without asking anything in return.

When do I have to help him/she: Don’t ever help someone by cutting your work. It could be your business work, office work, or something else which needs to be done and between someone comes to you and ask for help then you can simply say, I will help you after finish this work.

Don’t help someone by ruining your life or work. If you have free time and if someone asks for help then do it.

To Whom you’re helping: Takers are good liars, they will work for some time but after some time, they will show their true colors and when you see them simply, stay away from them.

For example, if you hired, Rohit…

He was a great employee, he worked hard and you also promoted him but after some time, he wasn’t coming to the office on time, he wasn’t finishing the projects properly because he become the boss of a certain project and he had other employees who works for him.

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But, you knew, he was just a liability to the company…

What you can do is, just give him a project and tell him, you can’t ask for help and that you will have to complete the project in 90 days. Now, his employee won’t help him because he was a**.

In short, hire very carefully because it’s hard to identify who is the giver or taker.

Give and Take Review

I will only say, do read this book, it will teach a lot about people and it will help you a lot in your business and life. It’s must read and everyone should read it.

Here I will leave you with the same thought,

“If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who needed the most.”

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