Think and Grow Rich Summary

Think and Grow Rich New paperback

Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937 and still, it holds up as the best Self-help book because Napoleon Hill didn’t just write random book, he interviewed up to 500 self-made millionaires from which he shared how you can grow rich.

In short, the book is backed up by research.

5 Key Lessons From Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich Summary
  • No matter where you’re, you need to use your imagination.
  • Have desire because it will move you forward toward your goal.
  • Be aware of Autosuggestion and train your subconscious mind because it will make everything easy.
  • Procrastination happens because of Fear.
  • Persistence will give you everything you want but you have to keep moving.

The Productive Mindset

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Think and Grow Rich Summary

The Hill explores how desire changes the way you live, imagination is not only for businessmen, Procrastination is a time waster, how Persistence will let you move forward no matter what happens, and how you can use Autosuggestion to conquer anything.

He gives you 13 habits of successful people around the world and how you can use those habits to grow rich.

He doesn’t promise that you will become a millionaire after reading his book but he does promise that, if you follow one of the habits then you will see lots of changes in your life whether it will be in the form of money or your health.

Now, the book has 320 pages and I will try my best to summarize everything in a compact way, so you can decide whether Think and Grow Rich is worth reading for you or not.

Conquer Your Dreams with Desire

Have a desire that adds some value to your life. If your desire is to make money then there is a chance that you might do some shady (unethical) stuff to make more money.

For example, these days, lots of Cricket players and even well-repeated actors are doing surrogate advertisements which are all wrong because lots of youth in India look up to them.

They’re doing it because those brands are giving them a hell of a lot of money.

So as Hill says “Work on that desire that makes you a better version of yourself, don’t work on that desire that can bite you afterward”

I can even give you my example;

I have gotten lots of emails from all these fantasy apps saying “Just add our website links to your website and we will give you this amount of money” 


I said no to all of them because I don’t want my reader to lose money, if my reader believes in me, and follows then it’s my responsibility to not use their emotion or belief in the wrong way.

That’s my ethics, it can be different for each human.

So have a desire that benefits yourself and the people around you, don’t just do something because it gives you money but it hurts people around you.

For example, let’s say I want to build a successful website in the book genre then this won’t hurt anyone but it will give me a reason to start a website. The same goes for exercise, reading books, or even starting a business.

The moral of the story that Hills trying to give you is to have ethics in life because that’s what makes humans human.

Use the Power of Autosuggestion

The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and that’s the fact. Now, the same you can use to train it and make the most out of it.

For example, 

If you want to start exercising every day then tell yourself that you will exercise at 7:00 AM every day till you die.

Now, if you say this to yourself only one time then you won’t see any effects but if you keep telling yourself over and over then in the end, your mind will say, okay it’s only 20 minutes, so why not just do it.

This too won’t last forever, as our brain is not designed this way, the brain needs to see some improvement to continue the task.

So you will have to train your subconscious mind by saying “Exercising every day for 10 days won’t give huge results but doing the same for years will change lots of things whether its health or even thought process”

Once the exercise takes place in Autosuggestion, from that day, you will never have to force yourself to do exercise.

The only thing you have to do is, keep faith in yourself otherwise, the day will come and you will procrastinate. 

The Art of Delaying

When I was writing my first book called “Productive Mindset”, the only thought I had was “How can I explore procrastination the way that readers can understand and take action where needed”

Let’s start with “What is Procrastination?”.

It simply means, delaying the task that you suppose.

For example; I told myself that before going to bed, I will read a book for 30 minutes but when I went to bed, I told myself, “I’m tired, I worked hard today, so I will read for 60 minutes tomorrow for sure”.

You can apply this example to wherever you want whether it’s working on a project, reading a book, doing exercises, or starting a new business. 

While doing so, see where and when you have delayed the task because you didn’t have a mood.

As Hill says, procrastination is nothing but our fear.

You delay certain tasks because you’re afraid of something. 

So next time when you say, “I don’t want to do exercise” then ask yourself “Why you don’t want to exercise and see what excuses you’re giving yourself”.

That’s the solution for procrastination “You just have to make yourself aware of yourself” Once you realize that, “I’m just giving these excuses”, that day, you will never make excuses.

How I Applied The Think and Grow Rich in My Life

Think and Grow Rich was one of the books where I started reading books outside my studies and that’s the reason, it stayed with me forever.

Hill taught me how I can use my imagination to build my website.

One of the fears I had when I decided to become a Blogger was “Money” because it wasn’t like I would make money from the first day, I had to wait for years.

I was afraid to start my first website when I was in 12th standard because of the fear of money. When I came to know about Rich and Grow Rich in my College days then I decided to work on my first blog.

Hill gave me that clearance, “You don’t have to worry about money right now, you will earn money but first, you will have to start and learn how to write.”

So yes, imagination was one of the core lessons which I got from him. To date, I use it in my business and even in my life.

A simple thing I did was, I bought a domain name, hosting, and theme. That’s it and I started writing articles.

After about 1.5 years of starting the website, I got a message from Amazon saying “Rs 7,200 has been added to your bank account”. 

I immediately opened my bank account and show, I actually got money and this was the day when I got confident that I can make a living out of it.

Here, I’m running five websites.

Now, if you have read Think and Grow Rich or any other books that made a huge impact in your life then feel free to share your story as it will encourage other readers to read those books and do new things in their life.

I will see you in the comment box.

Think and Grow Rich Review

If you have read a few self-help books and you plan to read Think and Grow Rich then it might not feel that powerful because this book was published in 1937 and till now, we have thousands of books that talk about the same things as Napoleon Hill.

Still, do read it to see how Napoleon Hill wrote the book, his thoughts, how he wrote the book, the research he did for this book, and much more.

What I’m saying is, Think and Grow Rich is an old classic, and to date, many authors have copied Napoleon Hill’s work one way or another and you might have read those books.

So if you’re planning to read this book with huge expectations that “I will learn something new” then the thing is, you won’t learn new things.

Now, think for a second that the book was published in 1937, so back then this would have added lots of value but now, it won’t do the same for everyone as people may have read other self-help or even business books.

In short, if you have read an entire article and you didn’t learn a new thing then it’s better to skip Think and Grow Rich but if you have learned new things then it’s better you read Think and Grow Rich right now.

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