The 10X Rule Summary & Review

The 10X Rule Summary

The 10X Rules simply means whatever you’re doing right now multiplied by 10x, this way you will reach your goals faster. The book gives an idea about how you can plan your goals and manage your time in the right direction.

The 10X Rule Quotes

“As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s.”

“You know, you don’t need to grow old to die. I was dying at the age of 20 as a result of no direction and no purpose.”

“it is better to make something happen—good or bad—than to have it happen to you.”

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The 10X Rule Summary

I won’t lie, the book is very long. Looks like Grant Cardone author of the 10X book took the rule very seriously because if something can be explained in 5 words then he will explain it in 50 words.

Sometimes, it feels boring to read the same thing again and again. I feel the book should have 50 pages max.

Now, that’s what I felt about the 10X Rule book, your experience might be different.

So let me share what I have learned from the book and the notes which I took.

Massive Goals

Let’s take an example for better understanding,

I wanted to make a website about a book and I said to myself that I will write 2 articles a week which would be 96 articles in a year.

Now, what Grant Cardone is trying to say is, you should write new articles every day which would be 365 articles in years or two articles a day.

Take the article example in your business, study, or whatever you’re doing it right now. Multiply everything by 10X.

Now the biggest question is what will happen when I apply the 10X rule?

Simply, you will complete your goals in less time, the only thing you will have to do is, spend more time. For example, if you plan to work 2 hours a day then you will have to work more than 8 hours a day.

The author has also shared other three rules too,

  • Do Nothing: “Doing nothing” is exactly what it sounds like: no longer taking actions to move forward in order to learn, achieve, or control some area.
  • Retreat Take: “Retreaters” are those who take actions in reverse—probably in order to avoid negative experiences that they imagine will come as a result of taking action.
  • Normal Levels of Action: People who take normal levels of action are probably the most prevalent in our society today. This is the group that appears on the surface to be taking the necessary amounts of action and to be “normal.”
  • Take Massive Action: The one we talk about is multiple everything by 10x if you want to archive your goals quickly

10X Action Rule

When you apply the 10X action rule, you will never be disappointed because you have already seen every single possibility of failure or success.

Let’s say, you’re working on a project and the project will take 2 days to complete. Now, you said to yourself that I can finish this project in half day, you started working in the morning to afternoon but somehow, you didn’t finish the project.

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What happened is you had 2 days to finish the project, and the project is nearly completed in half day, so if you can push yourself to two more hours then the project will be finished.

The end result is, you saved 1 day by telling yourself that you can finish in less time.

Now, you didn’t finish the project by afternoon but because of that, you finished in the day. So always, keep the error of margin.

Luck is Not Real

Let’s say you started working on a new business back in 2016, but no one knew about your business. Fast forward to 2022, you started earning 10 lakh a month.

Now, people will know about your business because you’re making hall lot of money, some even will say, he got lucky because they started in 2016, and it’s really hard to start a business in 2022.

So you tell me, was that luck or your hard work?

Luck is a myth, everything you do in your life is because of the action you took in the past.

If your exercising every day then you will have good physic but if you’re lying in your bed then you will only get a big fat tummy.

The 10X Rule Review

The 10X Rule is an inspiring book at the same time, it’s too long too. I wish it only had 50 pages with proper structure, so readers like me don’t fall asleep. Nonetheless, it’s a good read to learn that, life is not hard, we humans make it hard, you can archive whatever you want, and you just have to do it now.

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