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The Rudest Book Ever by Shwetabh Gangwar New Updated Version

The Rudest Book Ever, not really but it does touch on some of the harsh reality of human life, starting from We all are products of someone whether it could be a job, relationship, or something else. This ideology will stay with you forever, the Shwetabh Gangwar author of this book will for sure make you rethink your belief.

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The Rudest Book Ever Summary

Not gonna lie, I didn’t know about Shwetabh Gangwa till Sandeep Maheshwari & Prakhar Controversy, and I’m glad I come to know about Shwetabh. He is practical a guy and here, I’m writing about his book.

Back to the book…

The Rudest Book Ever is not a motivational book, it’s a kind of self-help book but in a different way.

If you ask me, what is the biggest lesson you learn from The Rudest Book Ever?

The answer would be the ideology of “humans are products”, the one statement that made me think about my life, the decision I made, the decisions others made for me, the life I’m living, and the things I do for a living.

I’m assuming it will do the same when reading the first chapter of this book, so with that said, let’s talk a bit about the first chapter.

Products and Persons

Let me give you an example,

When you were a child, you didn’t know anything about anything. Your parents and the people around try to teach you about life as per their belief system, they don’t want to question whatever they have learned but they do want you to believe in their beliefs.

Now, if you think properly then you can clearly see that people around you are transforming into the product. They want you to become something that they want.

It starts from the day you were born, your father wants you to become an Engineer, your mother wants to do whatever you want to do, and society tells you to become a doctor. In between no one is bothered about your choice, and no one asks you what you really want to become.

The fact that, when you were 18 years old, you didn’t know what you wanted to do but you did something because of your father or family.

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Further, when you go to a job, your boss wants to do certain things in a certain way, and your wife or girlfriend wants to behave in a certain way.

We must understand this: because somebody is older does not mean that they have achieved wisdom. Most older people are children who have aged.

The solution is before you do anything, question. If someone tells you that, GOD is real then don’t accept that, question it, research, and then come to a conclusion.

I know from the day you were born, your family is doing “Pooja” but that doesn’t mean, GOD exists. Don’t believe something, if you don’t have data. Don’t be a product.

You are a Nation

Another way to think about life,

Start with, I’m the nation but the question is what does nation mean?

Let’s take India as an example,

If X country wants to fight with India then India will fight back and will give 110%.

In the same way, you will have to have a defense mechanism.

If you want to start exercising and at the same time, you’re procrastinating then fight back and tell yourself, I will do exercise no matter what happens and I will push myself.

9 steps to Become a Great Nation

  1. Appoint Yourself as the Leader of Your Nation
  2. You have to write a constitution. A nation is supposed to have some rules, guidelines, and boundaries, and where it stands on what.
  3. As a nation, even a one-human nation, you need police, protective forces, and a small but well-trained effective army to maintain and preserve inner peace and uphold the rules defined in the constitution. That is called self-control.
  4. When you apply self-control, peace occurs as an outcome, and national respect for your leadership increases. This is called self-respect.
  5. You have certain desires, wants, urges, and patterns of behaviors that damage the nation and prevent it from functioning well. These are the terrorist organizations and groups that self-control is in place to contain and imprison.
  6. Self-control begets self-respect begets. With strong self-control comes self-respect, which makes you more confident and content in general.
  7. Ego is the opposition party. It stands for Emotional Grandpas On-crack. Ego is highly nationalistic which is why the nation loves to hear them, but they rarely have any plans, defined boundaries, or good diplomacy.
  8. Good leadership, self-respect from strong self-control, actions that make the nation wealthy, culturally and intellectually rich, and lastly, maintaining great relationships ensures increased life satisfaction.
  9. You need to have a strong foreign policy that ensures your leadership does not get minimized, abused, or undermined by foreign powers.

Just like how India has a good leader (not really), the same way (not really), you have to become a good leader.

How to Think

From the day you were born, you heard one word which is “GOD” but have you questioned it? if yes, then did you get the answer? if yes, then what do you think about it?

So question whatever belief you have, and whatever you believe in.

Don’t just sit there and accept something because it comes from your father, the person you admire or respect a lot.

There is a chance that they might believe in something because of someone.

The end story is to ask questions and try solving them.

Wired Ending

You know what, if you have a problem, solve it, there is no other way around it.

Do not try to live with them. Do not try to half-think them. Do not tell yourself that you are okay with the problem/s.

Do not acknowledge them every night before sleeping and then forget about them in the morning. Problems breed and multiply if not solved.

Problems survive by eating up years from your life. The goal of problems is to end your life early or earlier than you had expected.

Problems are deadly – do not take even the small ones lightly. Problem-solving should be a habit, not the course you take when you have no other option left.

The Rudest Book Ever Quotes

“The more a person holds on to what they have learned in their childhood – the old ways – the harder it becomes for them to develop HOW TO LEARN.” – Shwetabh Gangwar

“Thinkers always start from the point of ‘I don’t know, whereas idiots start with ‘I know. That’s a significant difference.” – Shwetabh Gangwar

“An adult brought up on ‘what to think leans heavily towards asking others for help for their problems rather than relying on their own thinking.” – Shwetabh Gangwar

“Admiring somebody for their skills and hard work is natural. Believing that somebody is above you in existence is nonsense.” – Shwetabh Gangwar

The Rudest Book Ever Review

The question is whether you should read The Rudest Book Ever by Shwetabh Gangwar or not. The answer is, of course, you should.

For me, it was a good read, I did learn a new way to see the world and myself. I won’t say, I learn new things but I can say, I get to learn the same things which I knew before but with a different perspective.

One More thing,

I have read the new version of The Rudest Book Ever, the yellow cover was the 1st edition and the black cover is the 2nd edition.

Also, Shwetabh has changed the chapter’s name and added a few new chapters. So, if you have read the 1st edition then you can skip the 2nd edition because you won’t learn new things, it’s just a refreshment with a new cover.

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