The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia

The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia

The Minimalist Entrepreneur focuses on the business side of things but in a practical way, the book will give you an idea of why you should start a business with whatever you have, you don’t need a big office, big staff, or tons of money.


“You don’t learn, then start. You start, then learn.”

“On the internet, they say, 1 percent create, 9 percent contribute, and 90 percent consume.”

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The Minimalist Entrepreneur Summary

Everyone who’s thinking to start a business or something on the side should read The Minimalist Entrepreneur because the book will give every insight about business from where to start, when to start, how to start, how much to spend, and more on that, how much time one should give to the business.

Let me add, something from The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant

“If you really want to get paid in this world, you want to be number one at whatever you do. You can literally get paid for just being you. Some of the more successful people in the world are that way. Oprah gets paid for being Oprah. Joe Rogan gets paid for being Joe Rogan. They’re being authentic to themselves.”

We’re living in the 21st century and we have unlimited resources to do any kind of work, you can make money from your room, what more you can ask for?

To do the same, you need to give some time to whatever you want to do.

When I started my first website back in 2016, I didn’t earn a single penny but after 9 months, I got Mail from Amazon Affiliate that “the remaining payment has been sent to your bank account.”

That’s the story for another day till then let’s explore this book.

Build As Soon As Possible

You don’t need a master’s degree to start any kind of business, you can start with whatever you have.

I get it, you will make lots of mistakes when you start a business for the first time but you know what, you also learn a lot from those mistakes. The only thing you will have to remember is, don’t repeat the same again…

Don’t be afraid to start a website, shop, YouTube Chanel, Newsletter, or anything else. You won’t become a billionaire from the 1st day, you will have to see everything from failure to success.

So if you have an idea then make that idea reality by working on it, you don’t need someone else to tell you that.

No matter how many books you read, how many videos you watch, or how many articles you read, you won’t earn anything until you start.

You’re the Important

Have you heard of Elon Musk, yes, that Tesla guy…

Tesla has never spent a single rupee on Advertisements because the CEO of the company is an advertising agency itself.

He can put anything on the Tesla website and people will start buying it, every single new outlet will cover that product.

What Sahil Lavingia is saying is, make a brand out of yourself, be yourself, and don’t ever cheat with your audience.

If you’re like me, who makes YouTube videos then you will need to be active on social media and show them what you’re doing. It could be your workplace, your house, your friends, and the thing you like and don’t.


The Minimalist Entrepreneur works on the things that are important,

Let’s say, I want to start a new Mobile Company, now, I have two options,

  • I can use Android which is open-source software
  • I can build my own Operating System which will take hall lot of time

The second option is tried by Microsoft and they failed miserably because no one was building an application for Windows for Mobile.

So the right thing to do is, use Android and add some of the additional features on top.

Also, when starting something new, you don’t need a big office or bigger stuff, you just have to start.

Charge From Day One

Let me give you an example,

YouTube is free from the start and now they have launched YouTube Premium which will remove the ads and that’s it. YouTube Premium costs Rs 129 per month in India.

The question is, will you pay Rs 129 to remove the ads?

The data show, that out of 2.6 billion active users, only 30 million users are paying for YouTube Premium (worldwide data).

Now let me give you my example,

What if, I start a subscription model where I will post book summary articles where I will remove all the ads, and give you additional data points? will you pay for it?

The answer will be no?

Because I have started with a free model, now it will be hard to convert those free users into paid users. I can launch a book and people might buy it because they know what I’m doing for years but not lots of my users will opt for paid Model…

Both free and paid have their advantages and disadvantages, you have to choose what works for you…

The Minimalist Entrepreneur Review

The book is written in such a way that you will understand everything from top to bottom.

So yes, you should read The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia, you will learn lots of things, and make sure you apply whatever you learn because the knowledge you have won’t work by itself.

I didn’t learn anything new here because earlier, I have read lots of books on productivity and self-help, so this book didn’t give me anything new but yes, it did, refresh my memory.

For You, it might be different, so if you feel that whatever you have read in this article is new information then you will surely enjoy The Minimalist Entrepreneur but if you feel that, I already knew what I read here then you can skip this book.

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