Start With Why Summary and Review – Simon Sinek

Start With Why Summary

Simon Sinek author of Start with Why talks about how people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it The author has shared tons of re-searched data along with some of his experiences which will give a clear idea of your what and why…

I come across Simon Sinek after watching his TEDx talk, so yes, I would highly recommend you to watch that video because that video made me read the Start With a Why book.

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Start With Why Summary

Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk

Simon Sinek talks about how you should focus more on why you do things rather than what you do.

People won’t be interested if tell them, I do the job, or I do business but if you tell them I do business to solve this or that problem then people will support you.

You can take this website as an example,

What: I have a website called BookiesTalk where I write book summaries along with my experience.

How: I have a laptop and that’s where I usually write articles for Bookiestalk.

Why: I’m from India and here, some people can’t afford to buy books whether it’s priced at Rs 200 or even Rs 100. So this is the reason why I write articles on BookiesTalk, so those people can learn something new for free.

Let’s take my website again but in a different way, the What & How will remain the same but I will change the WHY…

Why: Years ago I read an article that said, you can earn a good amount of money from a website and that’s where I thought, let’s start a website.

As you can see, how WHY can change your business?

In short, if you’re doing business then make sure you have the Strong “WHY”.

Golden Circle

Golden Circle from Start With Why
Golden Circle from Start With Why by Simon Sinek

The Golden Circle needs to be in a particular order.

When the order is followed and the following three principles are adhered to, the Golden Circle is in balance-which means your product or service is authentic.

These three principles are:

  1. Clarity of WHY will inspire people and move you beyond plain manipulation
  2. The discipline of HOW is about identifying and sticking to what values and principles will you use as guardrails to bring the WHY to life
  3. Consistency of WHAT is the consistency of results from the actions defined in HOW.

Why Needs How

Walt Disney was the WHY guy.

Walt Disney scaled into the massive organization it is today because there was a very strong HOW guy working with Walt, his brother Roy.

Roy set up Buena Vista distribution, built the merchandise business, and scaled Walt’s vision into sustained success.

It is ironic that the HOW type does not always need the WHY type to succeed, but the WHY guy normally fails without a strong HOW guy with him.

Steve Wozniak was the HOW guy for Steve Jobs when they began Apple in the 1970s.

In our business or careers, success is about pursuing our WHY (we do) by becoming better at HOW (we do) and measured by WHAT (we do).

Like Walmart, when our HOW & WHAT lose their connection with WHY, we start feeling dissatisfied with what we do.

Passion alone cannot compensate for the lack of a structured foundation based on the Golden Circle.

Just like passion needs structure to survive, the structure also needs passion to grow.


Simon Sinek tells you to find your WHY but at the same time, you need to know HOW to do certain things.

The book has tons of examples that will help you to understand the big companies like Apple, Google, and even Netflix.

So if you’re that person who is starting a new business then make sure you read this book, you will learn a lot from Simon Sinek.

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