Feel-Good Productivity Summary (Plus PDF)

Feel Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal Paperback

Feel Good Productivity is all about feeling good about whatever you’re doing in your life with practical science experiments that Ali has tried in his life. It’s a journey from feeling bad to feeling good.

Now, that I have read all 270 pages, so let’s take a deep dive and see the ways to feel good.

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Feel-Productivity 10 Sentence Summary

Feel Good Productivity Summary
  1. Be a child, enjoy whatever work you’re doing, and always focus on the process because thinking about results won’t do anything, working on the process will lead you toward those goals.
  2. There will be days when you just want to shut down everything and that’s exactly what you have to do, take a step back and work on yourself. 
  3. Apply the 5-minute rule to Everything, if you don’t feel like reading then try to to read for only 5 minutes and see what happens next, most of the time, you will continue to read.
  4. Motivation will never last forever, so work on habits.
  5. When we think about death, we will get a clear idea of where we want to go in the long term.
  6. Life is not a race, you don’t have to keep running all the time, and sometimes, it’s better to rest.
  7. No one cares about what you’re doing. So change your mindset and focus on yourself rather than thinking about other people’s opinions.
  8. Our life experiences hold us back from doing certain stuff, so don’t fear something because that has happened in the past. Free yourself and let go of that Fear.
  9. There is nothing more powerful than believing in ourselves, if you’re having doubts then no matter what you do, things will never go as per your plans. So before you do anything, believe that you can do it.
  10. Failure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. So don’t be afraid of Failure, learn and grow.

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Feel-Good Productivity Summary

We have tons of productivity books that teach us how to manage time and how to do tasks with full energy but Ali’s take is different as he is not telling you how to manage time rather he says “Enjoy whatever you’re doing”

The Feel Good Productivity is written in the same way as Phycology of Money or even Same as Ever by Morgan Housel. The book will have science studies and then the author will tell you how it works and how it changed his life.

So if you’ve been following Ali Abdaal for a long time life myself then you will for sure enjoy Feel Good Productivity.

I’m keeping my promise, this is the mini-ebook of Feel Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal. So download right now and read wherever you want for free. Happy Reading.

Make Your Life Playable 

When we were kids, we used to do lots of things without any sort of planning. 

  • We used to go to the garden and explore every inch of it.
  • We used to run around malls. 
  • We used to explore new areas of our cities.

We did all of these things with no goals in mind, we did everything full of energy and enjoyment.

Everything changed when we started doing jobs or maybe started a business. We stopped enjoying life and started worrying about what would happen next if I didn’t do this or that.

Now, this is where Ali comes in and says,

  • If you’re working from home then try to go outside and spend time with your friend or just walk around in the garden. 
  • Maybe use a different route for the garden you want to go to or any other place.
  • Simply, change your routine and see what kind of change you see.

So try to enjoy whatever you’re doing and if you’re doing the same thing again and again then surely after a few months or a year, you will start losing interest.

There will be days when you hate your job or the business you’re running and that will be those days when you should take a step back and do something different for a few days.

Reset your brain, give it a few days, and then go to work. 

By the way, Ali has a dedicated chapter on how to love what you’re doing for the rest of your life. So let’s briefly touch on that because it’s sort of repetition which you might have heard before.

Keep Going Forever

There is a book called Keep Going by Austin Kleon where the author has shared 10 ways to love your work. Now, you will be like, I love my job and I will never be tired of doing that but the day will come and you will say “I don’t feel like doing this”

The same has been shared by Ali in the Feel Good Productivity.

He simply says, 

Whenever you have a feeling that you don’t want to work, you don’t have energy, and so on.

This is one of those times when you say to yourself that you need a break.

During the break, you can either go on vacation or just do a few tasks every day. Don’t get too busy during the day. Just do the most important work and leave everything aside.

For example, if you’re having a hard time focusing on work then do one thing, 

  • If you’re working 6 to 8 hours every day then from today, only work for 2 hours.
  • If you’re not exercising then go workout.
  • Meditation doesn’t sound that good but still do that. Spend a few minutes alone with yourself.
  • Maybe you don’t like reading books but still, give it a try and try to stay away from social media and your smartphone for the time being.
  • Try to learn a skill that you like doing whether it’s playing guitar, chess, or anything. 

What Ali says is, work on yourself and everything will be fixed by itself. This was Part 3 called Sustain.

Go Do Your Work

Procrastination is a familiar word, don’t worry, I won’t bored too much but still, I have to talk about it because Ali has it in his book.

The second part of the book is called Unlock where Ali has shared a way to come out of Procrastination.

He says, 

  • It’s always better to focus on the process rather than focusing on the results.
  • Whenever you’re taking on a new task, ask yourself whether this will Matter in 10 minutes, 10 weeks, or 10 Years. Act according to and work on the task as per your goals.
  • Follow the 5 Minute rule which says “If you don’t feel like doing the exercise right now then do it for only five minutes and see what happens”
  • Always track your process, this gives you an idea of where you’re at.
  • Forgive yourself, don’t let your past experience ruin your present or future plans.
  • Know your fears, most of the time, we don’t work on our dreams because we’re afraid of what will happen next. Rather than worrying about what will happen, just do it.

Now, this is what you will read in the 2nd Part which has around 76 pages. By the way, Ali has also shared what he applied in his life from all the science studies that he has written.

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There is nothing new about Procrastination in the 2nd part but as it’s written by Ali’s perspective, things will sound different but it’s not.

Also, this part too has lots of science studies.

Feel-Good Productivity Quotes

“No failure is ever just a failure. It’s an invitation to try something new.”

“Believing you can is the first step to making sure you actually can.”

“And in my new life as a writer, I find that watching, listening to and even conducting interviews with successful authors does more to boost my own feelings of ‘I can do this’ than almost anything else.”

“Scientists have long been aware of what they call ‘relational energy’: the fact that our interactions with others can have a profound effect on our mood.”

“You need to remind yourself of this big ‘why’ every day and every hour. Every email you send, every meeting you hold, every chat over a coffee – in ways small and large, they should take you a little closer to realizing that ultimate purpose.”

“Fear is another negative emotion that blocks our productivity. It impedes our feel-good hormones and clouds our thinking and problem-solving. Procrastination is natural in the face of fear.”

“The mindset of ‘no one cares’ can be totally transformative. It’s one of the simplest methods I’ve identified to reduce my anxiety-related procrastination”

“The five-minute rule is a simple but powerful technique that encourages you to commit to working on a task for just five minutes.”

“Tracking your progress provides you with tangible evidence that you’re moving toward your goals.”

“Another way to recharge your energy creatively is by undertaking a specific project. Unlike an open-ended hobby, a project has a definite beginning and end”

Feel-Good Productivity Review

I was expecting something new from Ali Abdaal. So if you’re a subscriber of his YouTube channel and you have watched quite of few videos then you won’t learn new things.

Even if you have read a few productivity books then you can skip the Feel Good Productivity but if you’re one of those readers who have never read a productivity book then this might be a good start.

Also, Yes, I feel, this is a bit large book and it would have been better if he had cut down a few things.

So if you feel, Rahul, whatever you have written here sounds familiar then you should skip the book but if you found everything new then should buy the book.

One more thing, the book is too pricey in India, I don’t know the reason. I mean Rs 699 for the paperback is too high and I feel, the book isn’t worth this amount of money.

Maybe Rs 299 is a good price for Feel Good Productivity. I’m only talking about India Prices.

Buy Feel Good Productivity:

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