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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by JULIE SMITH Book Cover

The book covers everything from dealing with depression, self-doubt, controlling emotions, how to build confidence, how to cure procrastination, and so on. Basically, this is a typical self-help book that is a bit hyped, and nothing else.

Favorite Quotes

“Physically moving your body can help to shift your mind when it is otherwise very difficult.”

“What would I do if I was at my best?”

“Thoughts are not facts. They are a mix of opinions, judgments, stories, memories, theories, interpretations, and predictions about the future.”

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3 Big Ideas

  1. When you become aware of yourself, that day, you will understand your mind better than anyone else in the world.
  2. Health should be your highest priority, always, the rest can wait.
  3. Always remember, thoughts are not reality, it’s just an opinion.

Change Of mood

We have emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. You will experience each and every emotion throughout your life, the only thing you will have to do is, be aware of it.

If you’re sad then ask yourself, why you’re feeling sad and once you’re aware of your Sadness, you will find the solution or you will accept the reality and move on.

The same goes for fear, if you have fear of public speaking and if you don’t find out why you’re afraid of public speaking then you will never go onstage.

So, first, find out the reason why you’re afraid of public speaking and work on it. Watch videos on YouTube or read books about how to become public speaking.

The moral of the story is, every problem has a solution, you just have to be aware of your problem, and once you do that, start working on the problem till you find some solution.

That’s the only way to move forward, you can’t run from fear forever.

Permanent Motivation

Motivation is good and everyone should have it but it won’t last forever, the day will come when you will feel procrastinate and that day, you will come back to square one.

So it’s good to have Motivation but you also have to find the purpose for it.

For example,

You watched lots of videos on YouTube about the benefits of reading. In the end, you bought two or three books.

The fact is, you will read books for 2 days or even a week but after that, you will lose the Motivation of why you started reading books in the first place.

The solution is, find out why you want to read the book, is this because someone told you, everyone around is reading books, or you watched lots of videos?

If these are the reasons then you will never read books every day. Now what you have to do is, find out WHY you want to read books, the real WHY (not the videos you watched.)

For me,

  • When I read an autobiography book, I get to learn about other people’s lives and the mistakes they have made.
  • When I read, a self-help book, I get to learn about my behavior and how the human brain works.
  • When I read business books, I get to learn how to start a business and what kind of mistakes people make when they start a business for the first time.

I don’t read books to show someone, I read books because I get to learn new things.

That’s WHY I read books, now, you tell me WHY you want to read books.

So coming back to Motivation, it’s good to have Motivation but it’s better to have WHY along with Motivation, so it can last forever.

Other People’s Talk

You have just completed your 12th and you want to learn photography but people around you are telling you that, photography is not a good profession, just do engineering or MBBS, so you can get a good Job.

So first things first, don’t think much about other people whether it’s about choosing your profession or anything else, you can take their advice but you don’t have to apply the same in your life.

You should take your life decision by yourself, you don’t have to rely on someone.

This way, if you regret choosing photography as a profession then you won’t blame your parents or other people, you will blame yourself which is good as you have tried what you have to do rather than what other people want you to do.

So always when it comes to the big life decisions, take those by yourself, you can ask for help or advice but in the end, the final call should be yours.

The final step is, don’t give F about other people and live your life as you like.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before Review

This is not a perfect book nor it’s for everyone as its focuses on basics, we have tons of Self-help books that talk about fear, procrastination, self-talk, self-belief, and much more, so if you have read quite of few self-help books then you can skip the Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before but if you haven’t then do read it.

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