I Will Teach You To Be Rich Summary: GOD book for Beginner Investors

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi Paperback

Ramit Sethi author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich teaches you how you can become rich by following simple methods like investing as little as you can, spending money on your needs instant of your wants, automating the credit card bills, and more on that, getting aware of conscious spending.

3 Powerful Quotes From I Will Teach You To Be Rich

“Sometimes the most advanced thing you can do is the basics, consistently.”

“It’s more important to get started than to spend an exhaustive amount of time researching”

“Compounding,” Albert Einstein said, “is mankind’s greatest invention because it allows for the reliable, systematic accumulation of wealth.”

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5 Big Ideas From I Will Teach You To Be Rich Book

  1. Out of your entire monthly income, spend 10% on the things you want. It could be, buying new earphones, taking a little vacation, or spend anywhere you want without guilt.
  2. At the end of the day, write down the amount of money you have spent & where you spend it. It doesn’t matter if you have spent Rs 50 or Rs 50000, write it down.
  3. Always, automate the Credit Card Bills.
  4. Never spend money to show off.
  5. Always save 5% to 10% of your income, don’t invest the money you save, instant make a Fix deposit where there is no withdrawal fee.

How to Use Income

Let’s assume, you’re earning Rs 20,000 a month.

First, make a list of your fixed expenses. It would be house rent, electricity bills, mobile bills, household item bills, or anything else. These will be those items that you and your family will need every month, no matter what happens.

So let’s say your fixed needs are 60% of your income.

Now, invest 10% of your income which is Rs 2,000. You can choose any platform to invest in.

Further, you can also use 10% of your income anywhere you like. Let’s you want to buy new earphones, or wanted to go for a little vacation, basically, spend 10% of your income on your wants.

The remaining 20% of your income will be your saving, keep in mind, don’t keep the 20% in your saving account, put that money in Fixed Deposits. Also, do check whether the Fixed Deposit has any withdrawal fee or not.

Most of the Fixed Deposits won’t have any fees and you can withdraw your money whenever you like but still to be on the safer side, ask the bank manager whether they have any withdrawal fee or not.

There you have it, your Rs 20,000 is gone, just like that but this is the right way to spend your money rather than just spending all in one go.

In the end, let’s summarise your investment and spending. (You can play around with your investment, saving, or wants & needs)

Rs 20,000 is Your monthly income.

Fixed Expenses (60%)Rs 12000
Investment (10%)Rs 2,000
Your Wants (10%)Rs 2,000
Saving (20%)Rs 4,000

Automate Everything

Let’s say you have a credit card then make sure you have enabled the auto payment option because this way, you will never forget to pay your bills. This will create a healthy credit score which will help you a lot whenever you want to take a loan.

One more thing,

There are many companies that allow you to set SIP in the Indian stock market, so choose one day and enable the Auto-invest mode, this way, whenever you get your salary, your money will be auto-invested.

You don’t have to see whether the market is up or not, your money will be invested in the companies which have selected earlier.

So if you’re a busy guy then do use the SIP and invest as much as you can.

In short, whether it’s a credit card bill, Loan interest, or even investment, make everything automated, so you don’t miss out on your payment or investment.

This way, you will save lots of time and the same can be used for your business or work you’re doing.


Everyone should invest at least 10% of their income. These days, we have tons of options like Stock markets, Mutual Funds, Crypto, or even real estate.

So choose the platform and invest as much as you can.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you invest Rs 500 or Rs 5000, the core idea is to invest. So start as little as you can and later, you can always invest more but first, start your investment journey.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich Review

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi is one of the best personal finance books for Beginners, it teaches you everything from how much money to invest to how much money to waste (your wants).

So yes, I would highly recommend you to read this book, if you have never invested a single rupee or you have just started earning money.

Also, if you’re Beginner then make sure you read the Rich Dad Poor Dad, it’s another GOD book for Beginners.

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