Chatter Summary – Control Your Inner Voice

Chatter Paperback by Ethan Kross

Chatter by Ethan Kross is about how you can control your inner voice by understanding your brain better, author gives you some practical solutions which you can add to your life to live clutter free life.

Powerful Quotes From Chatter

“When supporting others, we need to offer the comfort of Kirk and the intellect of Spock.”

“What participants were thinking about turned out to be a better predictor of their happiness than what they were actually doing.”

“Our inner voice, it turns out, likes to tickle our genetic ivories. The way we talk to ourselves can influence which keys get played.”

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5 Big Ideas from Chatter

  • Your Brain doesn’t have unlimited memory, so don’t consume everything around you, choose and then consume.
  • Have a problem, zoom out and see it from a different perspective and find a solution for it.
  • Share your problems with those people who you trust.
  • There is no harm in chatting with yourself but keep your thoughts under control.
  • Know the power of your brain because it can heal everything, you just have to direct your brain to the right path.

Chatter Summary

The memory of the Human Brain

You can’t remember every single thing you read online or even a book, you have to choose which part you want to remember.

Let me give you an example,

Have you seen the Dhamaal movie where Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey ask for a lift because they wanted to find BIG W, now when Arshad Warsi asks the car owner for his name, he replied,

My Name is “Prabhakarna Sripalawardhana Atapattu Jayasuriya Laxmansriramkrishna Shivavenkata Rajasekara Sriniwasana Trichipalli Yekya Parampeel Parambatur Chinnaswami Muthuswami Venugopal Iyer”

Yes, that was the name of the car owner.

Now, most of the people who have seen the movie remember only “Chinnaswami Muthuswami Venugopal Iyer” because that’s a short name, and the same name was repeated quite a few times during that scene.

So your brain was like, okay, this looks like important information because it has been repeated quite of few times.

Now, the point author wanted to make was, you can’t remember everything you read or watch, so you have to choose, what to remember and what not to.

Sometimes, your conscious mind takeovers and filter out what to remember and what not to but sometimes, you have to question those automated discussions.

Also, try not to consume everything you see or listen to because you don’t have to put every single thing in your brain. Consume the things that matter and add value to your life, put rest in the dustbin.

When you consume everything, your brain will have a hard time focusing on the important tasks and it might distract you from working on the things that needed to be done right away.

So choose because you have a choice.

Problem Sharing

Whatever problem you have in your life will be faced by someone, so whenever you feel that I’m not able to handle this and I want a solution for it but I don’t know how to find it and then ask for help.

Now, when you decided to ask for help, only ask those people who you trust and who have some knowledge about the problem you have otherwise, they will give you some random advice that can make your problem even harder.

So when you ask for help, learn a bit about the person you ask.

Different Perspective

Every person on this earth has different thoughts and they see problems from different perspectives, so if you have any kind of problem or just wanted a different opinion then ask different people and you will get a different answer each time.

This way, if you’re stuck in your work or if you overthinking your problems then you will have a different perspective on the problem you’re facing.

A different perspective is always better rather than applying what one person told you. This was briefly addressed by Shwetabh Gangwar in his Rudest Book Ever book.

Inner clutter

I talk to myself a lot about the ideas I have for the work I do and there is nothing wrong with it.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is “try not to overthink too much about one topic”

Let’s say, you’re running a local shop and that shop is not making enough money and you’re thinking every day that “what if I don’t make money from next day, what will I say to my family, why do I only have to face this kind of problems”

Now, this kind of thinking can eat you alive.

Instant, ask yourself “why my shop is not working well, what else can I do to make my shop profitable”

So when asking yourself the right questions, your brain will find a solution for it.

With that said, let’s talk about the last lesson from the chatter book.

Power Your Brain has

Your brain is capable to solve anything, the only thing you have to do is, ask the right questions.

Let’s take the same example,

You were running a local shop and that shop wasn’t making enough money and you had thoughts like “what if I don’t make money from next day, what will I say to my family, why do I only have to face this kind of problems”

Now, if you ask the right questions like, “why shop next to me is making more money, what they’re doing & what I’m missing, why combustions are not coming to my shop”

Again, the author wanted to make a point was, your brain has unlimited power, so make good use of it and ask the right questions at right time and you will find solutions for it.

Chatter Review

Ethan Kross author of chatter focuses on the inner voice and he talks about lots of things that already exist in lots of self-help books, so there is nothing new to learn but if you’re that person who hasn’t read many books then this might be an informative book but if you have read quite of few self-help books then you can skip it.

I have said many times that almost all self-help books come with knowledge, the new things book comes is a different perspective.

If you want a different perspective about the human brain and it works then do give it try otherwise, take look at these 15 books which you have to read at least one time before you die.

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