The Power of Unwavering Focus Summary – Fundamentals of Your Brain

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The Power of Unwavering Focus is another self-help book that focuses on the human brain, it talks about things like the conscious, superconscious, and subconscious mind. The author gives you a clear idea of how you can archive peace in life by understanding the fundamentals of your brain.

Powerful quotes from The Power of Unwavering Focus

“As you uplift yourself, you uplift all of them as well, so investing your time in developing yourself is not selfish “

“The subconscious mind basically doesn’t know what is good for you unless you have trained it to know”

“We have the choice of what we focus on in life. The choice is not always easy. Sometimes, if not often, it is extremely difficult, but we do have the choice”

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5 Big Ideas from The Power of Unwavering Focus

  1. To understand your life better, you first have to understand your mind.
  2. Analysis of death is not for the sake of becoming fearful but to appreciate this precious lifetime.
  3. Become aware of your actions, this will make your life even easier.
  4. Everyone has a choice whether to say YES or NO, sometimes, those choices can be hard but sometimes, we have to make those choices.
  5. Value your life after work, you won’t stay on earth forever, give your time to your family and loved ones.

The Power of Unwavering Focus Summary

The Power of Unwavering Focus by Dandapani is a basic self-help book but it is a good read for those who have just started reading and wanted to understand the true power of the human brain.

Power of Focus

Dandapani talks about Focused Life and Purpose-Focused Life…

A Focused Life is one in which you give your undivided attention to whoever you’re talking to, you’re not using your smartphone or doing any sort of activity, and you pay your 100% attention to the person you’re engaged with.

Here, you don’t have any Purpose in life and you spend your time, as time goes by.

Whereas, Purpose-Focused Life is one in which your life’s purpose defines your priorities and those priorities define what you focus on.

For example, you want to make a billion-dollar company which is your purpose, so you will prioritize that purpose and spend the time accordingly.

Now, you always have choices in life, whether to watch movies, go to parties, or work on your business idea.

Here too, the same philosophy will be applied, if you want to build a business then your highest priority should be to focus on business rather than going to parties.

So if you understand your priorities and act accordingly then you will be an unstoppable force.

Understanding Human Brain

We all know that humans have two brains, one is conscious, and the second is and subconscious mind but Dandapani has mentioned another state of the brain which is called superconscious.

The conscious mind is simple, its oriented to the world around us. For example, Let’s say, I’m drinking coffee while writing this article, which means, I know I’m drinking coffee. Basically, being in the present movement and doing some sort of work comes under the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind can do anything if you train it well. This state of mind doesn’t know what’s good for you and what’s not. If you’re drinking alcohol every day then it won’t tell you to stop.

For example, if you wanted to get fit then read books about it, watch videos, and start doing exercise every day. Once your brain realizes that, exercise is good for your health then you will have a healthy body.

The core idea is to make your subconscious mind aware of the benefits of exercise and in the same way, make your subconscious mind aware of the disadvantages of drinking alcohol every day.

Once your subconscious mind realizes, it will force you to do exercise every day, it will remind you every day that, do exercise, do exercise…

Now, comes the superconscious mind. This state of mind can’t be archived very easily, you will have to mediate, and understand you’re conscious and subconscious properly, and then you will unlock the superconscious mind.

As Dandapani puts it,

“Imagine the mind as a three-story building, with the superconscious mind on the top floor, the subconscious mind in the middle, and the conscious mind on the ground floor. So, we would need to go through the first floor to get to the second floor.”

Now, it is not hard to understand the human brain, the only thing you will have to do is, be aware of the action you took every day. This way, you will get to know what kind of mistakes you have made and where you’re progressing in life.

Understanding the Death

I was so excited to read this chapter but then, my expectation dropped from the top floor to the ground floor within the microseconds.

Dandapani talks about basics, like, you will die one day, your family member will die one day, so accept the death and live your life joyfully.

He further explains that people don’t talk about Death because it’s not common on earth to talk about DEATH.

Let me add an example from the book but I’m making that example a bit Indianize.

There was a person called Rohit, he was working his a** off every day. He wanted to make lots of money, so whenever he become old, he doesn’t have to work for money.

Because of this, he was missing an important part of any human’s life which is family. He didn’t spend enough time with his wife, son, daughter, mother, or father.

Now, here, Rahit has to understand that, he won’t live forever, he will die one day, and that one day might come sooner than he thinks.

We all think that I will spend time with our family later but we don’t know whether you will wake up the next day or not.

Now, here Dandapani says, you have to balance your life, you can’t miss the important part of your life to do other things, make changes in your lifestyle, and balance out everything.

The story was simple and repetitive as well and that was the reason my expectation dropped from top to bottom.

So the core idea from the chapter was to spend your time with your loved ones and accept death because there is no way around it.

The Power of Unwavering Focus Review

The Power of Unwavering Focus is a solid book for beginners but it doesn’t make a good read for those who have read quite a few self-help books. Dandapani didn’t go to advance on the human brain, it’s basic stuff which is already available on the internet which was a big disappointment for me as I was accepting a bit more from him.

Kindly skip the book, if you have read quite a few self-help books otherwise it’s a good read.

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