Getting Things Done Summary – Bible of Productivity

Getting Things Done by David Allen

GTD known as Getting Things Done is a true bible of productivity, the author shared perfect ways to do the things you want in an organized way, and this way, you will get forget to do important tasks.

Powerful Quotes from Getting Things Done

“Reacting is automatic, but thinking is not.”

“Too much information creates the same result as too little: you don’t have what you need, when and in the way you need it.”

“People think a lot, but most of that thinking is of a problem, project, or situation—not about it.”

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5 Big Ideas from Getting Things Done

  • NEVER spend time on the things that are out of your schedule unless and until, it’s very, very urgent as well as important.
  • There is no need to consume everything, select and then decide what to consume and what not to.
  • If something can be done in 10 minutes then do it in 10 minutes, don’t make that task too complicated.
  • Review your task every week and see where can you improve.
  • Prepare for the task before anything else, don’t enter the field without knowledge.

Process of Getting Things Done

This is a productivity book which means, the author will teach you what you can do to make your life easier by choosing the right work.

So let’s take a closer look at the process of Getting Things Done…

The First Step would be to capture what you want to do, it could be the task you want to do or need to do right away.

Think of every single task that needs to be done in the next month or week.

The Second Step is the process all the tasks that you have selected.

Here, you can make a list of all the tasks whether it’s important, unimportant, or urgent, doesn’t matter write them down.

The Third Step is to ask yourself whether the task you wanted to do first will take hours or if it can be done right away.

For example, you got the mail from your team that, we need your signature on this document. Now, this task is simple and it can be done in 2 to 10 minutes. So what you can do is, say YES to this task and do it right away.

Now, if your team member sends you mail and says, we have to do a video call meeting and it will take about 40 minutes. Here, ask yourself whether it’s important or not, if it’s not then kindly schedule it and move on to the other tasks.

The Fourth Step is to focus on the important tasks and schedule the unimportant tasks. Organize your day and do all the tasks step by step.

Now, if something comes in between then again, see whether the task is important or not and if it’s not then schedule it.

The Fifth Step is to review your work by the end of every week, see your process, and your team’s process and make changes, if necessary.

For example, let’s say I have decided to shoot 3 videos for BookiesTalk YouTube Channel, so by the end of the week, I will see whether I have made videos or not and how the videos performed on YouTube.

The Sixth and Last Step is to engage with the project that you have been doing and make changes, if necessary. Ask your team members about ideas and implement them, if necessary.

There is no word like perfect, you will make mistakes, and the only thing you will have to do is to learn from them and not repeat the same again.

Getting Things Done Review

Getting Things Done by David Allen was originally published in 2001 and it has been revised quite of few times. Now the book is very popular but if in case, you never heard of the book then do read it because it will give a clear path of what you can do to make your life organized.

Now, if you have read quite of few productivity books then you can skip Getting Things Done but if you’re curious about the GTD method and want to explore more than what I have written then do read it, you won’t be disappointed at all.

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