Rewire Summary and Review

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Heaven is on the other side of discipline, now to build powerful discipline, you first need to conquer your brain, and to do that, you need to replace your bad habits with good habits. This is what Rewire by Richard O’Connor is all about.

Richard gives you all his knowledge about how we don’t do things that we want to do instant we do things that we don’t want to do.

We all love to watch movies, use social media, reals on Instagram, and even play games but when it comes to reading books, exercising, and going to bed at 9:00 PM, we hesitate to do that.

So let’s dive into the Rewire by Richard O’Connor and see what are the solution and how to move from bad habits to good habits.

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Rewire Summary

Rewire is nothing but a Habit book but the new thing is that Richard has shared his life journey as a psychologist and all the experiences that he had with his patient. 

Before we go further, I had read books like Atomic Habits, Hooked, and even Power of Habits. 

So not gonna lie, I didn’t learn new things from Rewire. Nonetheless, I will tell you 3 powerful lessons from the book that will shake you from the inside.

Automation vs Conscious

Let me first give you an example

I have been drinking coffee first thing in the morning for about 3 years, so you guessed it, I will grab coffee and Milk from the fridge and will prepare for the ritual which is making coffee.

There is nothing wrong with drinking one cup of coffee every day but drinking three to five cups is not good for my health and it will impact my sleep and even how I work during the day.

This is what you can call Automation. I will do one thing every day without questioning it. I won’t skip coffee today or tomorrow because this is what I have been doing for years.

The problem is, I know, I’m drinking coffee and the bigger problem is, I’m not doing anything to change it.

So what Richard is trying to say is, when you know this or that habit is not good for your health then do something about it. Don’t just sit there and watch the show.

Consciously you do know that you’re drinking coffee every day but you’re not doing anything about it. You’re just watching yourself.

So be aware of yourself and take action.

“You know very well what the right choice is, yet you keep making the wrong one.” – Richard O’Connor

Change of Habits

Look, you will never be able to quit bad habits by saying to yourself every day. The solution is, you have to make changes.

For example, 

If I want to quit coffee then I will replace the same thing with a different thing. 

For example, whenever I feel like drinking coffee, I will hit the gym, take a shower, or go out for a run.

The end story is, you have to replace your bad habits with good habits. This is the only way because habits take years to build, so you can’t expect to drop that habit in a single day.

The good news is, Richard has given you the solution.

If you’re drinking coffee then write it down in plain paper along with

  • Drinking coffee is affecting my health because I’m not able to sleep well and I wake up tired every day.
  • I crave coffee whenever I feel tired.
  • I’m more dependent on coffee to do any sort of.
  • Coffee is expensive these days and I have to spend money on coffee and milk which I can use somewhere else.

So you can write down the disadvantages of coffee and tell yourself that this will happen if you drink coffee every day.

Also, do the things which I told you earlier, and replace bad habits with good ones.

“Avoid triggers. If you’re an alcoholic, stay out of bars. If you’re a depressed or impulsive shopper, don’t go shopping. When you have to, go in with a list, rush in, and rush out. If you watch too much television, don’t sit in your favorite chair. In fact, move it (or the TV) to another room.” – Richard O’Connor

Awareness is key to everything

If you’re aware of yourself all the time then you will make fewer mistakes.

For example, if you started watching p*rn every day for five days then after a few days, you will tell yourself that, okay this is getting too much and you have to stop now because this is not good for your health and you’re not getting anything from it.

Even if you’re angry and if you tell yourself that “Hey, looks like you’re raising your voice for a few minutes” then there is a chance that you will lower your voice the next minute.

So make yourself aware of the situation because your brain is powerful when you think.

“Procrastinators tend to buy self-help books about procrastination, then take them home, put them on a shelf, and never read them.” – Richard O’Connor

5 Powerful Lessons from the Rewire

  • Try not to take any action when you’re happy or sad.
  • We all are human and we do rely much on our emotions all the time, so be aware of it when you’re doing any important work.
  • You can’t get out of bad habits without adding good habits.
  • There is nothing more powerful than being a disciplined person.
  • Try not to get trapped into a pleaser, and don’t seek an instant dopamine kick because it will never last forever.

Rewire Review

Richard O’Connor’s mother killed her in front of him, he went into depression when he was in his 20s and 40s. So whatever, he learned from all his life experiences is inside the REWIRE book.

I won’t say, you should read The Atomic Habits Instant of Rewire because ReWire is not only a book, but it also has Richard’s life experiences.

But keep in mind, the book doesn’t have any new information about habits. It is just that, this book feels more personal because of Richard’s life experiences. 

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