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Make Epic Money is a personal finance book that is written for new readers who don’t know a single thing about investing, saving, Asset even Liabilities.

Yes, I have read the 330 pages of this book and yes, I have taken lots of notes while reading, so here I’m sharing with you all the notes because sharing is caring.

Catchy line, isn’t it?

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Make Epic Money Notes

The purpose of this article is to give you a place where you can revisit the book. 

So let’s say, it’s been a year since you have read this book and now you want to know what that book was about, so you can come back here and recall everything.

By the way, you can also visit this page where I have talked about all the 10 chapters in a lengthy way.

For me, the biggest takeaway from the Make Epic Money was “Before you invest anywhere else, invest in yourself, there is no bigger asset than you”

That was one of the lessons, the Ankur Warikoo has shared lots of other things that you will read in the Make Epic Money Book.

That being said, here are my notes.

Chapter 1 Why should I even care about money?

Make Epic Money Chapter 1: Why should I even care about money?
  • It’s mind-blowing. Money only works because we all believe in it. Money is the BEST example of trust in this world.
  • The true purpose of money is NOT to help us buy things. The true purpose of money is to grant us freedom over our time, our choices, and the way we lead our lives.
  • Total freedom to do whatever you want, whichever way you want, whenever you want. This is a life that we can build for ourselves. Once we understand how to stop working for money and, instead, make money work for us.

Chapter 2 ​​Now, I really want to earn some money!

Make Epic Money Chapter 2: Now, I really want to earn some money!
  • The world sells you a dream. It tells you that once you start earning a salary, you can become wealthy.
  • Wealthy people have it figured out. They’re wealthy because they don’t build their lives around a salary. They use their time and ideas to create multiple income streams. They work for money. But they also put their money to work.
  • Professional degrees help you earn a living. Financial literacy helps you build wealth.
  • Here is the only definition that matters: Does it earn you money? Yes? Then it’s an asset. No? Then it’s simply a possession. Maybe even a liability.
  • Ultimately, the biggest asset you have is yourself. Your mind. Your body. Your education. Your well-being. Eat well. Exercise. Learn. They open doors to new opportunities. Invest in yourself.

Chapter 3 ​​So that I can spend it (wisely)

Make Epic Money Chapter 3: So that I can spend it (wisely)
  • Spending money I didn’t have, and maintaining a lifestyle I couldn’t afford: that was the true failure.
  • It’s Not about Spending Less. It’s about Spending Right.
  • Before You Spend, Pause. Ask Yourself This. Does It Make Sense for ME?
  • Before you let emotions in, let your rational side take over. Run the numbers first. Because emotions will eventually come in, irrespective of anything else.
  • Treat your credit card like a cool debit card. Swipe it only when you’ve got the cash ready to go. Or when you’re sure you’ll have it next month.

Chapter 4 But people tell me I should save!

Make Epic Money Chapter 4: But people tell me I should save!
  • If you don’t build the habit of saving while your salary is small, You’ll never be able to save when you begin to earn more.
  • If you’re just ‘saving’, it’s a random number. If you don’t hit it, you don’t care.
  • Savings = Needs minus Ego.Your needs: Rent, groceries, electricity, and other can’t-avoid-it essential bills. Enter your ego: The new iPhone that you want, the Starbucks coffee you must have every day to look cool, those cool sneakers, the high-end gym membership, etc. When you take out your ego expenses from what you’re left with after your needs, that’s savings.
  • Don’t go through life focusing only on a savings mindset. There’s a limit to how much you can save. But remember, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Keep finding ways to increase your income. That will help you build wealth much faster than saving.

Chapter 5 ​​And use the money to protect me

Make Epic Money Chapter 5: And use the money to protect me
  • First and Always… Protect Yourself. Get health insurance to keep you steady amid surprise medical emergencies. Get life insurance for when the unimaginable occurs, disability, or accidents. Build an emergency fund for everything else.
  • Health emergencies? Covered. Family protection? Covered. Now, an emergency fund? Seems a bit extra. An emergency fund is like a DIY insurance plan. Cash is hidden away for the events that life and health insurance can’t cover. Car breakdowns, home fixes, sudden job jolts, legal surprises, travel emergencies. The unexpected stuff.
  • Pro Tips: Emergency fund first, investments later. Keep it bulletproof stock adventures, no crypto escapades, no gold or real estate experiments. Use the fund ONLY for real emergencies, not for impulsive buys. If you tap into your fund, refill it ASAP.

Chapter 6 ​​But what I really want is to grow my money

Make Epic Money Chapter 6: But what I really want is to grow my money
  • True financial independence comes:  When income from your investments pays for your needs and expenses. For life!  When you work because you want to, not because you have to.  When you have money to live well, even without the 9-to-5 grind.  That’s financial freedom.
  • If you invested ₹500 a month in the stock exchange at the age of 20, by the time you are 60 you would have 60 lakh.
  • Saving is great, but it’s pointless without investing.  The biggest risk is taking no risk.
  • Allow compounding to happen. It takes time. Decades. For the longest time it will seem like nothing is happening. But it IS happening!
  • Your 20s are actually the BEST time to start investing.  Absolute prime time.  Every good investor is about that edge.  You don’t need to be the next Wolf of Wall Street.  You don’t need super stock-picking powers or secret skills.  Because you have the ultimate cheat code: TIME.  That’s your VIP pass. Your greatest asset.
  • Use the ‘Rule of 72’ to understand how long it’ll take to double your investment.  The rule states: 72 / rate of return of your investment = approximate number of years taken to double your money

Chapter 7 And manage my money well

Make Epic Money Chapter 7: And manage my money well
  • Our Money Decisions Today Determine the Quality of Our Lives Tomorrow.
  • Starting early is the way to go. But it’s never too late to start.  Get intentional about your money.  It’s your money story-YOU write it!
  • In the End.  Your financial path is shaped by your age and your income.  Along with what you want in life and your responsibilities.  You have the cheat sheet, but you’re holding the cards.  Only YOU decide how to play them.
  • Your Financial Plan Must Evolve with Each Life Stage

Chapter 8 ​​I know I’ll make mistakes

Make Epic Money Chapter 8: ​​I know I’ll make mistakes
  • Circumvent the system by learning from your own mistakes. Beat the system by learning from the mistakes of others.
  • Risk can’t be eliminated.  It can only be understood and managed.  When you’re young, your ability to take risks is higher.  Not because you’ve got it all figured out.  Because you have time.  Time to recover from any damage that may be caused by the risk.
  • ‘Live for today. You only live once!’  No, you don’t live only once. You live every day. And you are going to live for a long time.
  • DO NOT spend money that you DO NOT HAVE!
  • Financially smart people take loans, even if they can afford it, to save money. Financially weak people take loans, knowing that they can’t afford them, to spend money!
  • The fastest way to become wealthy is to go slow.

Chapter 9 ​​As long as I know this

Make Epic Money Chapter 9: As long as I know this
  • Numbers don’t drive money decisions.  Our biases do.  Our emotions do.  And our emotions make us do some very stupid things.
  • Choose logic over hype. Choose facts over fiction. Every single time.
  • Investing with the herd is like following a GPS blindly-you might end up being stuck in traffic, but at least you’re not stuck alone!
  • Ignoring problems doesn’t make them vanish. But we still think: ‘If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.’
  • Avoid big money decisions when you’re hungry. Or lonely. Or tired. Nothing more to add here. You know what to do.

Chapter 10 ​​Oh! One last thing

Make Epic Money Chapter 10: Oh! One last thing
  • ​​What you believe about money will influence everything. Without your even knowing it. It will drive your career choices. It will have a say in your relationships. It will dictate your emotions. Your worries. It will impact your health. Your relationship with money will shape your relationship with life. 
  • Don’t forget that the only thing you actually wanted was happiness that’s the reason you were chasing money in the first place!
  • Money is never more important than your relationships. Money is never more important than love.
  • Whenever you’re in doubt, bet on the only thing you can bet on.  Yourself.  Life will show you a way.  It’ll all be okay.  You will be okay.
  • No matter how hard things seem, there are always corners that will get you out. Just keep looking for those corners.



There you have it, what else can I say? 

Come back whenever you want, this website will be on the internet and free as long as I am alive. 

Happy reading.

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