Ankur Warikoo Public Speaking Course Review

Ankur Warikoo

Communication is a must-have skill and everyone should know how to talk to anyone, here, Ankur Warikoo has made public speaking simpler in his How To Speak Effectively Course. So today let’s review Ankur Warikoo’s public speaking course and find out whether you should spend Rs 379 or not.

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How To Speak Effectively Course Review

If you’re that person who is afraid to speak in front of five or a thousand people then yes, the course will help you to overcome that fear and you will get tips from Ankur Warikoo on how to sharpen your Communication skills.

Now, talking about myself, I didn’t learn anything new from this course because he has repeated everything that I read in books like How to Talk to Anyone, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and many others.

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In short, if you don’t like to read and you want everything in a structured format then spending Rs 379 on Ankur Warikoo’s How To Speak Effectively Course makes more sense.

Pro Tip: Ankur Warikoo has made several videos on his YouTube Channel about Public speaking and it talk about the same thing, so save money by watching those videos.

Now, let’s talk about what he talks about in the course in a structured format.

Rule 1: Ability to Connect

I have read more than 150+ self-help books and I might know things that you don’t know but that doesn’t mean, I have to share everything, I will share the things that are important.

It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, it matters how you convey your knowledge to other people.

Say the things, that will add value to people’s life.


We love stories and that’s the reason why we love to watch movies whether it’s comedy, Action, or Adventure. The writers will add a little bit of story in the movies so we can connect with the characters they have built.

The same goes for public speaking as well;

When you’re a child, you will have experienced something that you can share with the audience in your own way, you don’t have to share everything, you just have to share the core of the story, so the audience connects with you.

Once the audience connects with you, you can talk about anything and they will listen to you because they feel you’re one of them.

Rule 2: Know Your Audience

Research is a key factor in all fields whether it’s business, study, or even public speaking.

For example;

If you’re giving a motivational speech in an Engineering college then you need to research about the college and the students.

Because Engineering student thinks differently than doctors or accountants. You will have to research what kind of activities Engineering students do, how they think, and how they communicate with other people.

Now the question is; How you will know what they like and don’t

It’s simple, just ask the professors or just Google it.

Rule 3: Body Language

When you’re speaking, other people won’t pay 100% attention to your words, they will pay more attention to your body.

  • 20% is Your Words
  • 80% is Your Body Language

So make sure when you’re speaking with someone, use your hands, your eyes, and your legs while making sure you mention the right posture.

Rule 4: Writing

Austin Kleon author of Show Your Work Book talks about the importance of writing.

When you speak without research, you will say whatever you’re thinking, and you won’t stop until you run out of words and this is where writing comes in.

Let me give you my example,

I will make a video about the How To Speak Effectively Course but before that, I have decided to write this article, why?

The reason is, that when I shoot a video, I won’t speak randomly, I will speak whatever I have written here, this will save lots of time at the same time I will only speak about important things.

Yes, it will be more structured.

The same applies to you, if you want to make videos or try out public speaking then make sure you write down your script, this says, you will cut down all the bullshit.

Rule 5: Listen to Yourself

2020 study suggested people typically have more than 6,000 thoughts per day.

Now, you don’t have to write every single thought, you just have to express yourself.

This way, you will know the emotion you had yesterday or a week ago.

After that, you will be able to understand yourself better and if you can understand yourself, then it won’t be hard to understand other people.


  • Write in Journal, if you don’t like the physical notebook then just use any online notebook application.
  • Voice notes, this is the best way because you will understand the emotion better by hearing yourself.

Rule 5: Never Say No To Opportunity

Lastly, never say no to Opportunity, you might screw up the first time but that first time will give you confidence for the second time.

Whether it’s a family dinner or a school function, just go on stage and start speaking.

I know, it’s hard but someday you will have to go on stage, so why not today?

Communication is a must-have skill and you will be needed in your life one way or another.


I have said it and I will say it again, if you don’t want to spend Rs 379 then it’s okay, you can just watch Communication videos on YouTube or just watch Ankur Warikoo’s Public Speaking video, he has talked about the same thing in the course as well as in the youtube Video.

I have summarized the How To Speak Effectively Course in the best possible way, it’s everything that he talks about, still, if you have any questions then feel free to comment, see you there.


We rate this Course 3.5/5.

Our Score

How To Speak Effectively Course Infographic

How To Speak Effectively Course Infographic
How To Speak Effectively Course Infographic

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