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Get Epic Shit Done by Ankur Warikoo Hardcover

The second book from Ankur Warikoo, you guessed it, Get Epic Shit Done, yes that’s the name of his book.

The book is inspired by The Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga which had a question, answer format.

Now the same format has been used in Get Epic Shit Done but of course, the book has different questions and the questions are targeted toward 15 to 22 years.

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Get Epic Shit Done Summary

The book is divided into 4 parts and in total, it has 36 chapters or you can say, it answered the 36 questions.

  • PART 1: Managing Your Life
  • PART 2: Managing Career
  • PART 3: Managing People
  • PART 4: Managing Yourself

Each part of the book tries to guide you toward the right path, the author doesn’t give you a proper answer but when you finish the book, you will able to see through the problem.

For example,

  • How Do I Manage My Time?
  • How Can I Forgive My Parents?
  • How Do I Pick the Right Career?
  • How Can I Have a Sleep Routine?

Long Story Short, Ankur Warikoo will give you answers to each of the 36 questions. Here, I have only added 4 questions which I have picked from 4 parts.

About the book format, just see the above images. The teacher is of course the Ankur Warikoo while the student is YOU who is reading the book.

How Do I Build My Communication Skills

On average every day human brain generates about 70,000 thoughts, now think for a second, how you can choose what to speak when you go for your first public speech.

The first step you have to do is, write your speech but why?

When you write whether it’s your speech or journal, your brain will only select the important words, and the rest will be thrown into the garbage can.

In short, when you write every day, your thoughts get structured and next time, you will only write what is needed and it will save hall lot of time.

The second step would be to go on stage and perform but before that, you have to practice.

Here, Ankur Warikoo has given a little tip which is, to record yourself for a minute for 365 days.

On the first day, you might forget what to say or you might fumble but when you do the same thing again and again, your speech will improve.

Just record yourself for a year and compared the videos from the 1st to the 365th day, you will see how long you have come.

The third and last step is,

Copy your favorite public speaker, watch their videos, and see how they do when they’re on stage, how they speak, walk, hand gestures, and even how they sit on a chair.

Now the final thing is to go on stage and give your 110%. You will make mistakes, and you might forget one or two things but when you start going on stage, you will get better at it, day by day.

How Do I Make Tough Decisions in Life

Let’s say, you want to start a Website and you’re thinking, what if I didn’t make money, and what if no one reads my article?

Now do one thing,

Imagine, what worst thing can happen, if I make a website?

The worst scenario could be, you won’t get views, you won’t earn money and you might have to close the website.

The best scenario could be, you will get a view, you will earn money and your website might see success.

Now, ask yourself, are you ready to face consequences if the answer is YES then go ahead, and if NO then why?

So instant of thinking about the same thing again and again, just write down the worst and best scenarios and then figure out, what to do and what not to do.

How Do I Manage My Time

You know we talked about Ankur Warikoo’s time management course (Take Charge Of Your Time), yes, that Rs 399 course has been added to the Get Epic Shit Done book.

Here are some of the key ideas on how you can save time.

Important task: These could be those task which doesn’t need your attention but are important, again, you don’t have to do them right away. 

For example,

You have to go to the supermarket because you have a list of items which you have to buy for your home, this is important because you need those items but it’s not very urgent, so you can do it after some time.

Urgent Task: These are those tasks that require your attention right away. 

For example,

You need to finish the project which your boss has given, you have a meeting that is very important for your business, or something else that is needed to do right away.

Nor Urgent or Important Task: These are those tasks that are not important or urgent but you like doing them.

For example,

You want to watch movies, and TV shows, go to parties, spend time with your friends, use social media, and many more. You don’t have to do all these things but you like doing them because it makes you happy.

It’s a simple thing, just ask yourself which tasks are important and which are not this way, you will save lots of time and the saved time can be used for the impotent tasks.

Meditation Does Not Make Your Control Your Emotions

Here, how I meditate, (Ankur Warikoo has given the same technique which I have written below)

When I wake up in the morning, I usually sit for 20 to 30 minutes alone in my room, I just observe my thoughts, I don’t ask questions, I don’t try to solve anything, I just become an observer for 20 to 30 minutes.

I do get lots of thoughts about my work, how life is going, and many others.

So when you meditate for the first time, be an observer, don’t try to solve the problem, don’t ask any questions, just see and let go of every thought for 20 to 30 minutes whether its about money, job, business, p*rn, s*x or anything else.

Long story short, Meditation doesn’t control your emotions but it makes you aware of your emotions.

How Do I Find My Passion

Have you heard of Ikigai, the same concept has been added by Ankur Warikoo in this chapter.

Ikigai simply means “What is it that you love doing”, for example,

I love to write, further, I know how to write, further, I can also make money from writing.

So find what you love doing and see whether you’re good at it or not.

The author has also given you an example,

Let’s say, you love to read but no one will give you money for reading. On the other hand, if you review books then you will earn money by writing about books on your website or making YouTube Channel.

4-step to find your passion,

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What does the world need?
  4. How can I make money from it?

How Do I Pick the Right Career?

First things first, never do a job or business because your friends are doing it or you show someone else’s business. You’re you, don’t try to live someone else’s dream, instant, go chase your dream.

What Not to Do,

Don’t quit your job to start a business or change the job because you don’t like doing it. The reason is simple, you don’t know whether you will get a better job that pays more or you might not even get a job that pays the same as the last one.

What to Do,

Don’t quit your job, keep doing it. Now, what else you can do is, try different things when you have time, you can try when you come home after job, on weekends, or on holiday and see, what works and what doesn’t.

Just don’t give an excuse that I don’t have time because everything has time, limited time but everyone has.

How Can I Build Multiple Income Stream

The simple answer is, first, make a stable income source where you can get money every month, no matter what happens. It could be a job or anything else.

Once that’s done, try to do different things.

For example, how Austin Kleon author of Show Your Work said,

Make a website about the things you love without expecting anything in return. Just keep writing and the day will come when you will earn money from your website.

So the website could be your 2nd income stream, the third could be from stock market investment and the fourth could be from your YouTube Channel.

Try to do as little as possible and try to make time for each thing, the result will come, you just have to be consistent.

How Do I Convince My Parents About My Career Choices

Whether it’s your mother or father, they love you unconditionally, it’s just that, they’re from a different century, so they will have a different point of view but the end goal of your parents and yours is to live a happy and stable life.

The road map to reach a happy and stable life could be different from your point of view and your parents.

For them, you should get an Engineer, Doctor, or CA degree because that’s what their parents taught them and they will tell you to do the same.

Now, if you want to become a YouTuber, Blogger, or start a business then first, show them how you gonna do it or better, if one of your friends is running a business then bring him to your home and let your parent ask questions.

Even after that, if your parent doesn’t agree with your goals then the final step is to ask for time,

Told them “Give me 2 years’ time” and let me prove to you that, I will do it, and if after 2 years, I fail then I will do whatever you’re asking me to do.

the story,

I started my website when I was doing, I didn’t say anything to my mother about the website till I completed the three years and then my mother asked me, what you will do next, or Job?

That day, I said to her, I’m working on my website for the last three years and she said, everything is okay but how you will earn money from it, and who will give you money for just writing?

The same day, I give her money that I earn from my first website and that was the day when she said, if you love what you’re doing then do it.

Now, why did my mother say “If you love what you’re doing then do it.” the reason was simple, she felt that my son has a job and he is earning good money.

Also, she did ask a few of our relatives about what I do and whether it’s secured or not. Turned out, everyone said, your son knows what he is doing (lucky me).

On the opposite, If I wasn’t earning money, she could have said NO but that didn’t happen, so I don’t know what would have happened. (I mentioned my mother only because my father died when I was 5 years old).

I will add more stories to my book, just like how Ankur Warikoo did with his first book, Do Epic Shit (wink, wink).

How Can I Forgive My Parents

I will repeat the same thing,

Your mother or father loves you unconditionally, it’s just that, they’re from a different century, so they will have a different mindset, they first wanted a stable lifestyle, and later they want to build a relationship because that’s what they show when they were children.

You may have experienced that when your father was 30 years old or 25 years old, he was a busy guy, not spending time with family, and working as much as he can.

Jump to when he was 40 years old, now, he has earned money, he is not working all the time and he is trying to spend time with you. Here, you might feel, what happened suddenly?

What to Do?

Forgive Your Father and spend time with him because now, he feels, he has delivered a stable life to his family.

Now your duty to give him what he wants because he has worked for decades, so his family can live a better life.

For him, working for days to make money and give stable life to his family was his goal because that’s what he learned from his parents.

What Not to Do?

Don’t ignore your parents.

How Do I Develop Patience

Your father and Mother have more Patience than you because, in their time, they didn’t have the one-day Amazon Delivery or even a Food Delivery Website.

In their time, they had to travel for a day to visit another place and they didn’t have the smartphone to do video calls with a single click.

Long story short, your parent knew from the beginning what is Patience, and you were born with all these tech gadgets & one-day Amazon Delivery.

So no one taught you anything about Patience,

Now, to be a Patience person, do this…

If you want to buy a new smartphone then wait for 30 days and after 30 days, ask yourself whether you need a new smartphone or if you’re okay with what you have.

Just understand your brain, when it craves and when it doesn’t.

The same can be said when you’re hungry, ask yourself, whether you want to order from the website or not. Wait for 30 minutes and see.

There is no other way around it, you have to start somewhere, so start by saying no to sugar, if you want to lose weight.

How Can I Have a Sleep Routine?

The human brain doesn’t like a huge change, after a day or two, the brain will convince you to go back to the previous Routine if you make a huge jump.

For example, if you’re drinking Coffee for five years then it will be hard to quit coffee but if you reduce the coffee intake by a small every day for 30 days then one day, you will quit coffee.

The reason is simple, your brain won’t notice very small changes but if you don’t drink coffee for the next three days then your brain will give you lots of reasons why you should now drink coffee.

In the same way, if you’re waking up at 8:00 AM every day for a long time then now, if you want to wake up at 5:00 AM then don’t try to wake up at 5:00 AM suddenly.

First, try to wake up at 7:45 AM then 7:30 AM, and just like then keep going down for months and after some time, your brain will adopt the change.

Just don’t try to wake-Up at 5:00 AM suddenly, the reason is simple, it may work for a week but after that, you will come back to square one.

Just like, what James Clear said in his book, Atomic Habits, try to improve by 1% every day.

How Do I Build Good Habits

Our brain doesn’t want to spend much energy but still wants to make us happy.

For example, we all watch Reals or Shorts Videos on YouTube because that’s what releases dopamine, we drink coffee that also releases dopamine, we watch P*rn which also releases dopamine, and we also watch someone else’s life (on YouTube–Vlogs).

In the same way, if you want to build an Exercise habit then don’t do exercise for an hour on the first day…

On the first day, only exercise for 10 to 15 minutes. With the same formula, our brain won’t notice small changes easily.

Do the exercise for 10 minutes for 30 days and after that, you will automatically increase the exercise time.

Just don’t think about, what will happen in 10 minutes. That 10 minutes will play an important part after 30 days.

1% every day for a year is better than 0% every day for a year. Make a small change and stick to it.

Get Epic Shit Done Quotes

“Parents seeking stability for your career is not about them going against you. It is about them being scared of an unstable life.” – Ankur Warikoo

“Habits that give big results start small. Because they are a consequence of pleasure, not pressure.” – Ankur Warikoo

“Writing daily is not just for writers. It is for communicators who wish to express themselves better.” – Ankur Warikoo

Get Epic Shit Done Review

Get Epic Shit Done by Ankur Warikoo is a well-written book that will teach you lots of things about life but its a beginner’s book, so if your age is above 22 then you can skip this book as it repeats the same things which you may have learned from other self-help books.

Also, after reading this article, if you feel, you learn new things then surely go grab of copy of Get Epic Shit Done but if you feel, you didn’t learn new things then save money and time.

One more thing, if you just started reading a book or if you want to read a book but you find it hard then do try to read Get Epic Shit Done because you don’t have to read the book from start to end, you can pick any one chapter read and later, read another chapter.

Also, the book has very simple English, so it won’t be hard to understand.

About me,

I didn’t learn anything new, so why did I pay Rs 299 to Ankur Warikoo, to put it simply, I wanted to write this article and video too (on YouTube). Also, if I wasn’t running this website, I would have saved the Rs 299 and my time as well.

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