Mindful Zen Habits Summary: 30 Days of Happiness

Mindful Zen Habits by Marc Reklau Book Cover

The book talks about how you shouldn’t move too fast and focus more on quality over quantity, further it also tells you that, face your problems and focus more on solving problems rather than complaining. Mindful Zen Habits by Marc Reklau is another book on a habit that you can skip if you have read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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Mindful Zen Habits Summary

Mindful Zen Habits offers 30 days guide to becoming a better version of yourself, it’s a self-help book that will teach you how you can solve your problem, face your fear, how to stay away from toxic people, and develop strong mindsets.

The book has only 178 pages, so if you have just started reading books then do read this book while It’s written in simple English too.

So here, let me share your core lessons from the book.

Zen Meditation Technique

Meditation is a great way to relax your mind. I know, when you Meditate for the first time, you won’t gain anything but if you Meditate every day for the next 30 days then you will start seeing results.

You will become more aware of people around you and you will be able to understand yourself better than ever.

Now, to Meditate,

  • Sit on a chair or anywhere else where you feel comfortable.
  • Close Your Eyes.
  • Now, just pay attention to your thought, and don’t question them. Let go of everything.
  • For example, if you’re having thought of using a smartphone then don’t react to it, just see where that thought goes.
  • Do this for 5 minutes for the next 10 days and gradually, you can increase it to 10 minutes and more.

One more thing, don’t say, you don’t have time because doing Meditation for 5 minutes is not much, so do it every day for the next 30 days and you will see the results.

Write Down Your Goals

If you want to earn 1 Lakh a month, write it down. If you want to have Six Packs Abs, write it down. If You want to buy a house, write it down.

Whatever your goals are, write them down, no matter how big they are, just write them on a piece of paper.

Here, I shared my goals for 2023 on BookiesTalk YouTube Channel, the same way, write down yours and start working on them.

By doing this, you have reminded your mind that, I want this and your mind will find a way to give you what you have asked for.


If you have read Atomic Habits then you might find this repetitive but here we go again,

If you want to quit coffee then don’t just quit right away. For example, if you’re drinking a full cup of coffee every day then cut down to half for 15 days, after that, cut down further half and later, stop drinking coffee.

This might take 30 days to quit coffee but it will work.

In the same way, if you want to add a new habit then add a new habit to your life slowly.

For example, if you want to start reading books then read books every day for 5 minutes for 30 days, and later, increase the reading time to 10 minutes and later 20 minutes.

This way, your mind won’t have to add new tasks right way. The reason is simple, the human mind doesn’t like to add new tasks right away, unless and until it feels the urgency.

Invest in Yourself

The author is not talking about money, Author is talking about knowledge.

Learn new things every day, whether it’s by reading books, taking a new course, or reading articles like this.

Keep one thing in mind, you don’t know every single thing, so be open to everything.

Become Solution Oriented

Let’s say, you’re running a business and you’re earning about Rs 50,000 every month.

One day, suddenly you’re earnings drop to Rs 30,000.

The right approach would be to find out the problem and then find a solution.

The wrong approach would be complaining about it and yelling at your employees.

You can apply this model anywhere you want, rather than complaining about it, focus on the solution.

Mindful Zen Habits Review

Mindful Zen Habits

Rahul Makwana

Mindful Zen Habits by Marc Reklau Book Cover


If you have read quite of few self-help books then you can skip the Mindful Zen Habits but if you have just started reading books then do give it a try because it’s a very small book, so it won’t take ages to finish it and you won’t feel bored either.


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