Get Epic Shit Done by Ankur Warikoo: Only for 18 Years Old 

By: Rahul Makwana

Get Epic Shit Done by Ankur Warikoo is a well-written book that will teach you lots of things about life but its a beginner’s book.

So if your age is above 22 then you can skip this book as it repeats the same things which you may have learned from other self-help books.

Also, after reading this article, if you feel, you learn new things then surely go grab of copy of Get Epic Shit Done but if you feel, you didn’t learn new things then save money and time.

Favorite Quote from the book

“Parents seeking stability for your career is not about them going against you. It is about them being scared of an unstable life.”

Key Takeaway from the Book


There is nothing more important then time because once it goes by, it won't come back. Here, one tip from Ankur Warikoo...

Manage Your Time

Here are some of the key ideas on how you can save time.


1. Important task: These could be those task which doesn’t need your attention but are important, again, you don’t have to do them right away.

For example, You have to go to the supermarket because you have a list of items which you have to buy for your home, this is important because you need those items but it’s not very urgent, so you can do it after some time.

2.  Urgent Task: These are those tasks that require your attention right away.

For example, You need to finish the project which your boss has given, you have a meeting that is very important for your business, or something else that is needed to do right away.

Scribbled Underline 2

Nor Urgent or Important Task: These are those tasks that are not important or urgent but you like doing them.

For example, You want to watch movies, and TV shows, go to parties, spend time with your friends, use social media, and many more. You don’t have to do all these things but you like doing them because it makes you happy

What I learned


I didn’t learn anything new, so why did I pay Rs 299 to Ankur Warikoo,

To put it simply, I wanted to write this article and video too (on YouTube).

Also, if I wasn’t running this website, I would have saved the Rs 299 and my time as well.

Get Epic Shit Done is beginner self-help book, so if your age 15 to 22 year then surly read this book otherwise, skip it.

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