5 Ways to Break Smartphone Addiction 

By: Rahul Makwana


Try phone free day once a week. For example, don't use smartphone every Sunday for next 60 days and see, the results.


Go without smartphone for walk, its could be at night or when you go to supermarket. For payment, carry cash or credit card.


When you use smartphone, use it with clear intention, don't carried away and start watching reals or shorts.


Delete those apps that are not needed, it could be Instagram, Facebook or even Tiktok unless and until, you're making money out of it.


Get yourself, actual alarm clock, This way, you won't use smartphone before you go to bed or when you wake-up in the morning.


Turn of the your smartphone notification, this way, you won't get distracted  every single time you get notification.

I know, doing these things won't be easy from the 1st day but in long run, you will thank your self. So take care your self because in the end, only you can help yourself.

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