5 Psychology Hacks to Boost Brain Power

By: Rahul Makwana


Each time you exercise you're developing new brain cells, so Get off of the sofa and move around! The brain is going to thank you for it!


Writing is the way to tell your brain, what's important  and what's not. So write down your future goals, To-Do list and How did your day went.


You know what, Meditating doesn't mean, you have to sit in one corner. Meditating means, observe your brain, don't question your thought and see, what's going on inside.


Eat health, once in while, you can eat unhealthy but you can just put everything inside your body, your body is your house, its not garbage can..


8 hour sleep is recommended but if you're too busy then at least sleep for 7 hours a day. This is what your brain and body needs.

I know these are  simple things but the keyword here is, consistency, do it everyday and after month you will see the changes.

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