5 Powerful Lessons from Rich Dad and Poor Dad

By: Rahul Makwana

1.  Invest Early

I'm from India, and here, people are bit afraid to invest in stock market  and because of that, no one told me to  invest in, Stock market till I turned 23 and learned it by myself.

So, what author has said is, invest as early possible and invest your money because the money sitting in your bank will go down because of the inflation

2. Don't chase Money

Robert thinks people are, “one skill away from great wealth.”

Rather then thinking about money, try to learn new skill that makes you money and then apply it and that skill will make you money while sleep.

3. Do not be afraid of losing

When fail, its not the end of the world. From failure, you learned something that can help in the future.

The key is to no repeat the same mistakes again

4. Needs and Wants

You know what, you don't need to buy new smartphone, you don't need to go to that party.

When you want to buy something, ask yourself, Do I need this or want it.

5. Learn New Things

You can either watch 3 hours movie or read book for 3 hours, what will you choose?

I know, you will choose movie because that 's what you mind is telling you to do. The solution, you have to see what's good for your and what not, no one come to your home and tell you that.

That was it, if you want to know more about the book then do read the book summary, I have added the link down below.