How to Read 100 Books a Year 

By: Rahul Makwana

1. BUy in Bulk

The idea is simple: If you have more books in your house, you'll have more choices, and this will help you read more.

Here's why: Most of the books you read are not planned in advance. You don't sit down in January and say: "The first week of June I'll read this book."

You finish a book, look you at your inventory, and decide what to read next. Don't overthink which book you should read next—you'll end up reading reviews for hours, which is a waste

2. Always Be Reading

Find a way to read around your schedule and your life situation. Don't make excuses like you're tired or too busy. Always Be Reading means that you:

— Read on the train  — Read while you're breastfeeding your baby  — Read while you're eating  — Read at the doctor's office  — Read at work  — And most importantly, read while everyone else is wasting their time watching the news or checking Facebook for the 113th time that day.

3. Read Relevant Books Only

Read books that are close to what's going on in your life. There's a book for everything you can think off.

Instead, pick out the books that are related to your profession or hobby. Read books about people that you admire. Don't read a book just because it's a best-seller or a classic if it has no meaning to you.

4. Read Multiple Books Simultaneously

If you're reading something that's complicated, you might want to read something that's easier for the evenings.

I like to read biographies before I go to sleep because they are like stories. Fiction also works well in the evening.

5. You Don't Have to Finish The book

Okay, you might have read some books that you might have thought, ohh, I already know this but I can't put this down, I have bought this for 25 bucks.

So if you have bought book which is not good or for some reason, you're not connecting to the author then put that down because that one book will waste time your time.

Love what you read, for more you can click on the below buttons. Now, I will see you there, happy reading.