Build Don’t Talk by Raj Shamani, kinda boring 

By: Rahul Makwana

First, let me just share my thoughts about the book, and then we will go chapter by chapter and see what exactly, Raj Shamani is trying to teach you.

From the start, the book feels a bit boring but hey, I read the entire book because I wanted to write this article.

In the middle, I loved how Raj shared how he started his first business with help of his father, basically, his first start-up when he was in high school.

By the way, he has also shared how to start YouTube Channel, how he picks ideas for his videos and the Journey of becoming a public speaker.

Read This if,


If you’ve started reading books then I’m sure you will love this book because it’s written in a simple way

Skip This if,


If you have read books like Atomic Habits, Rich Dad and Poor Dad or even Re-work then I would suggest you save your time and go ahead with your life.

Build Don’t Talk Summary


Raj Shamani author of Build Don’t Talk shared his Entrepreneurial Journey with his ups and downs, he will teach you that life is not fair, it’s a brutal place, so you have to make peace with it.

He has also shared some of his business lessons along with his childhood memories and how he started his first business.

The books is mix of everything from, self-help, personal finance, biographic and even business

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